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5 Reasons To Make QR Codes for Product Labels

make a qr code for product labels

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Is it possible to combine modern digital content with traditional printed marketing materials? How can we track physical ads and their conversions? Check out these 5 reasons to make a QR Code for product labels.

Marketing materials are available in different formats. This can include flyers, posters, magazines, product labels, billboarts, etc. The main idea here is that they are physically printed labels that help sell services and products.

Why should you use print marketing materials?

Even though companies are spending increasingly more on digital ads, there are huge benefits to keep using print ads and product labels for marketing your products and services.

  • People are so used to digital ads that they are experts at ignoring them. Actually people are way more likely (around 70% more) toremember your print ads.
  • Over 90% of people aged 25 and under read magazines.
  • Over 60% of people normally trust print ads vs the 40% of people online.
  • If you combine print ads with the digital world, you can 5x your marketing campaign results!

What benefits do you get from product labels?

Growing your brand awareness

See how Coca-Cola is growing brand awareness with QR Codes
See how Coca-Cola is growing brand awareness with QR Codes

One major key for any print advertising is to boost brand awareness. This shows how easily people can recognize a brand. Print marketing and product labels usually focuses more on brand awareness than sales. This is due to the fact that print materials aren’t usually connected with the digital world. Actually, QR Codes are now making this possible. You can check out the best QR Code generator to see how QR Codes can benefit your product or service.

Due to the rise of digital marketing, brands are now starting to integrate the online and offline world together to reach more customers and drive engagement and awareness.

Make your product & service unique

Make a QR Code for Youtube with Coca-Cola
Here is Coca-Cola’s QR Code funnel for brand awareness. They do all of this with a QR Code Generator tool. The QR Code takes you to a landing page that shows you a YouTube video that is action packed with superheroes!

Ideally both digital and print media marketing should be used to get customers engaged with your brand. The more unique you are, the more brand awareness this can drive. Let’s look at Coca-Cola. 99% of the world knows what color that brand is an how their logo looks like, even if they don’t like their products. While Coca-Cola started out with traditional product labels and print advertising, it is now using QR Codes on their product labels to drive more customers to their online channels.

This QR Code could lead you to a normal website, but it can also do many other things. For example, it could be a Facebook QR Code, either connected to your Facebook page or your Messenger chat.

QR Codes in your sales and marketing

When Coca-Cola first started out, they didn’t have all these wonderful opportunities to market their brand digitally or to connect the print marketing to digital ads. Luckily for newer brands, it is now more easier than ever to drive your customers online and get them to convert there even more.

Why use QR Codes on product labels?

how to use the best free qr code generator
Why should you make QR Codes for product labels?

There are many truly great product labels out there. But many of them are missing out on this one simple trick – adding a QR Code! If a major brand like Coca-Cola has already jumped on board then it is quite easy to understand that this is the way of the future. In order to compete with your competitors, you have to digitalize your physical products and services. Give your customers a reason to connect with you in the digital world and see as your sales numbers start growing.

Regular product labels don’t motivate customers to become repeat customers and engage with your brand. It’s also difficult to tell which market segment is buying your products and services the most. When we combine QR Codes with a Facebook pixel for tracking, we are able to understand who they are and retarget those people. Did you know that you can actually target more people based on those people? It’s like printing money!

How to print product labels with QR Codes

make a wechat qr code for customer support
This tech company uses Wechat QR Codes for customer support

Let’s look at the example of a tech company that uses the QR Code on their product to talk to customers and offer them support in case they may need it. This is how the process of adding a QR Code on a product label would look like:

  • Create a Whatsapp QR Code
  • Add it to your product packaging and design
  • Your customer sees the QR Code on the package, scans the code and is able to get in touch with your customer support for any questions and help.
  • Track your results and see which products need less customer support than others.

Track your product label QR Code performance

If you are serious about getting results for your QR Code marketing, you should be making dynamic QR Codes to have those options available. Think of them as QR Codes, but on steroids. Pageloot helps you see real-time statistics like the time and location of the people who scanned your codes and which ones they interacted with the most. This helps you create more profitable ads for your products and services.

Dynamic QR Code Maker Statistics
Pageloot makes it easy to track your QR Code scans

Customize your QR Codes

Pageloot let’s you design your QR Codes. A survey shows that people are 63% more likely to engage with QR Codes that have a clear call to action and match with your branding. The great thing is you don’t even need a designer. Just use the preset styles available to you and see which one matches the best! Say goodbye to old and ugly QR Codes and say hello to increased sales and customer interaction.

Make your QR Codes Big or Small in size

Make sure your QR Codes are at least 2 x 2 cm in size ( that’s 0.8 x 0.8 inches). Otherwise people may have problems scanning them if they’re too small. There are no limits to how big can a QR Code be, as long as it fits in the smartphone camera range.

Just make sure to be using vector formats when printing big. This means either .PDF, .SVG or .EPS file formats. You can download a variety of file formats from the best QR Code Generator.

Edit your QR Codes later – no need to print again

Coming back to Dynamic QR Codes for a second. Besides all the great tracking and statistics, another feature they have is that you can change the contents of the QR Code without needing to print out a new code. This works with the help of a short link between the code and your destination. You are free to change the function and contents that it redirects to anytime. The QR Code is not directly linked to the final destination, so the appearance can remain the same. When updating print materials, you can start saving money and time today!

Examples of product labels with a QR Code

Here are a few more real world use case examples of how different brands and services are using QR Codes for their product labels and marketing materials.

QR Codes for e-commerce

Make a QR Code for Product E-commerce
Pencils is using QR Codes for e-commerce, so you can restock on the products you love.

QR Codes are an excellent choice for perishables – in other words, products that wear out or need to be re-ordered. Here is an example from, they are using QR Codes on their product packages, so that you can instantly re-order that product you need to use.

QR Codes for product information & nutrition

QR Code maker for product nutrition info
McDonald’s is now labelling their products with QR Codes, so you can instantly see the nutritional values.

McDonald’s is making their food and drink products more transparent to the consumers. With a single swipe, everyone can see how much calories they are consuming and how this fits in with their daily dietary needs.

QR Codes for recycling products

Best QR Code Generator for product page
WD Is using QR Codes to recycle their outdated products and keep the world a greener place.

Western Digital is using QR Codes to recycle old hard drives once they become outdated, helping to keep the world a better and greener place for all. This can also be used to upsell new hard drives for a discount for returning the old ones. It keeps customers happy and brings more sales for the business – its a win-win situation.

So which ever use case you need for your QR Codes, you can see there are plenty of different possibilities. The main purpose of QR Codes on product labels is to give your customers an easier opportunity to connect digitally with your physical products. This makes your brand more accessible, gives you more reach, and a whole new digital possibility for re-marketing and upselling other products and services.


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