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What is a link to QR code?

A link to QR code is a type of QR code that contains a URL or web link. 

When scanned by a QR code reader or smartphone camera, the QR code redirects users to the designated website or landing page, allowing them to access online content directly without the need to manually enter the URL.

How to make a qr code for a link with a smartphone

How Does a URL to QR code Work?

Search box in a laptop with a magnifying glass on the screen


To convert a link to a QR code, start by inputting the desired website URL or link you want to encode.

Turning a link into a QR code


When a user scans the link QR code using a smartphone camera, the device decodes the QR code pattern.

Phone with contacts list on gray background


The converted qr to link opens a URL automatically in the user’s web browser or application.

Icons of different files on a gray background and the image of a picture icon


A link code scanner provides a seamless way to share and access online content. 

How to make a QR code for a link?

Here is how turning a link into a QR code is done in 5 easy steps:

Copy your link

Provide the website URL or link that you wish to encode within the QR code. This can include a webpage, landing page, online content, or any other URL that you want users to be directed to when scanning the QR code.

Place for a link in link QR code generator

Paste the link

Click the "Next" button to generate link QR code based on the provided URL. The QR code generator for the link will create a unique QR code image that transforms the link to QR code.

Next button image on link QR code generator

Add style

Pageloot QR code generator offers customization options to modify the appearance of your QR code. Our generator has the option to change colors, add a logo, and adjust the size of the QR code.

Customization field with frame and style selection for QR code for a URL


Once you are satisfied with the generated QR code, download or save the image file to your computer or device.

Download window link QR code generator with the ability to share in social networks

Print it

Incorporate the link QR code into your marketing materials, such as posters, flyers, business cards, or digital platforms. Users can then scan the QR code with their devices to easily access the linked content.

How to turn a link into a qr code for printed items

All done!

Why do I need a link QR code?

How to create a QR code from URL

It provides users with easy access to online content by eliminating the need for manual URL entry. A link QR code is essential for several reasons. This convenience enhances the user experience and encourages engagement.

Link QR codes are particularly useful for marketing and promotions, allowing businesses to drive traffic, track engagement, and provide targeted content. By incorporating link QR codes into offline materials, such as brochures or business cards, companies can seamlessly connect their offline and online presence. The tracking and analytics capabilities of link QR codes enable businesses to gather valuable data on user behavior and campaign effectiveness.

Frequently asked questions

  • Is it easy to create a QR code for a URL?

Yes, no technical knowledge is needed. Anyone can follow our simple 5-step guide to convert a link to a QR code. It is possible to create a static or a dynamic QR code. This depends if you need to edit it later after printing.

  • How do I scan a link QR code?

To scan a QR link code, just open your camera app. You may need a link QR code scanner installed on your smartphone or tablet. Open the camera app and align the QR code within the scanning frame. The QR code will automatically open the URL. Once scanned, the app will display the linked website URL or content associated with the QR code. You can then tap on the displayed link to open it in your device’s web browser.

  • Is there a pre-designed template for my link QR code?

Yes, with Pageloot, you can choose from over 50+ ready-made options. There are different templates for every taste.

  • What is the cost of creating a link QR code?

You can create a QR code from the URL for free. To use more of the advanced functions, you can choose a convenient paid subscription plan.

  • Can I generate a QR code for a URL for free?

Yes, the Pageloot QR code link generator offers a free QR code maker service that includes the creation of link QR codes. You can input the desired website link and generate a QR code for URL without incurring any cost. However, it’s worth noting that there are additional features and advanced customization options available.

More questions?

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Hugo Laurent
Hugo Laurent
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The most easy and reliable QR code Generator ever. PDF files can be uploaded instantly. Our restaurant menus are now digital.
Lucas Jansen
Lucas Jansen
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This is an excellent tool and the QR codes take you to just where you want. We only use the location QR code but there are so many useful features.
Emma Moretti
Emma Moretti
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Easy to use and quick. It works great and creates a perfect images, so employees can download my vCard.
Hugo Laurent
Hugo Laurent
Read More
The most easy and reliable QR code Generator ever. PDF files can be uploaded instantly. Our restaurant menus are now digital.
Lucas Jansen
Lucas Jansen
Read More
This is an excellent tool and the QR codes take you to just where you want. We only use the location QR code but there are so many useful features.
Emma Moretti
Emma Moretti
Read More
Easy to use and quick. It works great and creates a perfect images, so employees can download my vCard.

Generate QR codes for URL

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Where to use a link QR code?

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Restaurant menu with link QR code in black minimalist style

Restaurants & menus

Display link QR codes on menus or table tents to allow customers to view nutritional information, place online orders, make reservations, or access promotions and discounts.

Billboard with round link QR code on the street


Utilize link QR codes in advertisements, promotional materials, or billboards to direct users to specific landing pages, registration forms, or exclusive offers. It helps track campaign performance and drives targeted traffic.

Box with link QR code packing inside

Product packaging

Place link QR codes on product packaging to provide customers with access to user manuals, assembly instructions, warranty information, or related product videos. It enhances the customer experience and provides valuable resources at their fingertips.

Stand with link QR code which is analyzed by a person

Events & conferences

Use link QR codes on event materials, badges, or signage to provide attendees with quick access to schedules, speaker bios, presentation materials, or registration forms. It enhances the event experience and makes information easily accessible.

How to get more scans for a link QR code?

Best practices for link to QR code

Use a correct URL

Ensure that the URL you encode in the link QR code maker is valid, correctly formatted, and leads to the desired webpage. Double-check for any typos or errors in the URL to avoid directing users to the wrong location.

Use a correct link for QR code
People scanning link QR code on a billboard
Consider QR code placement

Place the link QR code in easily visible and accessible locations. Make sure it’s large enough to be scanned easily, even from a distance. Avoid placing it on cluttered or visually distracting backgrounds.

Optimize landing pages

Ensure that the landing page or online content linked to the QR code is mobile-friendly, loads quickly, and provides a seamless user experience. Optimize the page layout and content to enhance readability and engagement.

Editing the site by people with rearrangement of different parts of the page
Set of statistics indicators on white background
Monitor analytics

When using the Pageloot link QR generator platform, take advantage of its built-in analytics tracking feature. Monitor scan rates, location data, and other relevant metrics provided by the platform. By analyzing these insights, you can measure the success of your QR code campaigns and make data-driven marketing decisions.

Generate QR codes for URL

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Different styles of QR codes created

Benefits to create a QR code from URL

Woman using link to QR code for website access

Easy access to online content

Link to QR code generator provides a seamless and convenient way for users to access specific web pages, landing pages, online content, or resources. 

Man talking from laptop screen on white background

Offline-to-online integration

Link QR codes bridge the gap between offline and online marketing channels. By incorporating QR codes into print materials or promotional items, businesses can seamlessly connect their offline presence to relevant online content.

Laptop with many icons and statistics on the screen

Versatile applications

Link QR codes have versatile applications across various industries and sectors. They can be used for marketing campaigns, product promotions, event registration, lead generation, customer support, menu ordering, and more.

People are pouring water on the planet

Cost-effective & eco-friendly

Implementing a link barcode can be a cost-effective alternative to traditional advertising methods. It reduces the need for printed materials with lengthy URLs, saving printing and distribution costs.

A person sits on a magnet magnet attracts contacts and attention

Increased engagement & conversions

Link QR codes can drive user engagement and increase conversions by providing a direct and interactive pathway to relevant online content. 

People analyze people's profiles and statistics with a huge magnifying glass

Trackable & measurable

By utilizing a link QR code, you can enhance the user experience by providing a seamless and streamlined way to access information.



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