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What is a video QR code?

A QR code for videos is specifically designed to provide a convenient way for users to quickly access video content about your products or services.

When a user scans the QR code, it directs them to the designated video, allowing them to instantly watch the content without the need to search it manually.

Video QR code generator that redirects to the video

How does a QR code video work?

QR Generator tool opened on laptop to create video QR Code


Upload a video to YouTube or another platform like Google Drive, Vimeo, and others and copy the ‘Share’ link.

using Pageloot QR Code Generator for video


Use a QR code Generator to convert video to QR code. Customize it to align with your branding or make it visually appealing, but ensure that the QR code remains scannable.

users scanning the QR Code with video


Once generated, download or save the QR code image in the needed format.

QR Code for a video printed on promotional materials


Add the QR code to your marketing materials, packaging, or digital platforms for users to scan the QR code using their smartphones.

How to make a QR code video?


Use Google Drive or Dropbox to upload your video and save the ‘Share’ link to the selected video. You can also upload your video to any other video platform like Vimeo and copy the link to it.

Google Drive, Dropbox, and Vimeo logos with a QR Code preview of video on laptop

Add link

Go to Pageloot’s QR code generator for the video and add your link into the URL field.

pasting saved video link to the ‘Open a video’ field in Pageloot QR Code Generator

Add style

Add branding elements like an icon or a logo and edit your QR code by changing the background or color of the code.

changing the video QR Code style and frame in ‘Style & Frame’ section

Extra features

If you’re a Pageloot’s premium subscriber, you can use additional features like scan tracking and design library.

preview of QR Code Generator platform Pageloot on phone and laptop with dashboard opened


When done with customization, choose the format and quality you want your QR code to have and click the green ‘Download QR code’ button on the right side of the page, and save it to your laptop.

to download QR Code for a video, first click on arrow icon and then click on blue ‘Dowload’ button

All done!

Why do I need a QR code for a video?

How to make a QR code into a video

You can direct viewers to watch videos related to their products or services. QR codes enhance user engagement, allowing customers to access videos instantly with a simple scan. It’s not only time-efficient but also creates a more interactive experience.

Also, QR codes can be tracked and provide valuable analytics, helping businesses measure the effectiveness of their video marketing efforts and make data-driven decisions to optimize their strategies. QR codes for videos enable businesses to enhance brand visibility, engage customers, and deliver compelling video content with ease.

Frequently asked questions

How video QR codes can be scanned
  • How to scan a QR code for a video?

To scan a QR code, users can use their smartphone or a QR code scanner. When you scan a QR code or just direct your camera towards the code, your phone will open the URL with the video in the default browser.

  • How much does it cost to make a video QR code?

It’s usually free. However, if you need advanced functionality, you should check out our premium subscription plans offered at various pricing points, so you can choose the one that fits your needs and requirements the best.

  • Are QR codes effective for getting more people to watch my video?

By providing a quick and direct way for viewers to access videos, QR codes can significantly improve engagement and encourage more people to watch your YouTube content. It’s important to make sure that users know about this code from different channels and can scan it.

  • How to turn a video into a QR code for free?

The QR code generators available online are mostly free. You can pay for additional functionality like tracking or editing, however, basic features are available in the free plans. You can create a video QR code using Pageloot’s free QR code generator tools or try out advanced functionality included in our monthly subscriptions. A 14-day free trial allows you to explore these features without the need to commit.

  • Is it possible to track the number of scans for my video QR code?

The number of scans is usually shown in the analytics dashboard on the QR code generator for videos. With tracking functionality, you can monitor not only the scan count, but also the location, where it was scanned, and other relevant metrics. You get access to all tracking features in the premium subscription.

More questions?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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Hugo Laurent
Hugo Laurent
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The most easy and reliable QR code Generator ever. PDF files can be uploaded instantly. Our restaurant menus are now digital.
Lucas Jansen
Lucas Jansen
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This is an excellent tool and the QR codes take you to just where you want. We only use the location QR code but there are so many useful features.
Emma Moretti
Emma Moretti
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Easy to use and quick. It works great and creates a perfect images, so employees can download my vCard.
Hugo Laurent
Hugo Laurent
Read More
The most easy and reliable QR code Generator ever. PDF files can be uploaded instantly. Our restaurant menus are now digital.
Lucas Jansen
Lucas Jansen
Read More
This is an excellent tool and the QR codes take you to just where you want. We only use the location QR code but there are so many useful features.
Emma Moretti
Emma Moretti
Read More
Easy to use and quick. It works great and creates a perfect images, so employees can download my vCard.

Create a QR code for a video

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

QR code generator dashboard preview

Where to use a QR code for video?

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QR Code with video on billboard at the mall

Marketing materials

QR codes are good for printed materials to direct viewers to promotional videos, product demonstrations, or other content related to your business. You can also integrate QR codes into digital ads like banner ads or sponsored posts, to redirect viewers to video content that complements the promotional message, increasing engagement and brand awareness.

QR Code on a product packaging leading to video with reviews and guides

Product packaging & guides

Include QR codes on product packaging to provide customers with instructions or product reviews, showcasing the features and benefits of the product. QR code for video is an excellent way to share tutorials and guides that help customers better understand your services and encourages them to make informed decisions.

video QR Code on natural sciences exhibition stand

Event promotion

Display QR codes on banners, posters, or digital screens at events to share event highlights, speaker sessions, or behind-the-scenes videos. This allows attendees to access relevant video content instantly. It’s a great way to engage with attendees and bring more awareness to your brand.

QR Code with video about style lessons on display at a fashion boutique

Open displays & presentations

Place QR codes on in-store displays and shelf tags to offer customers additional information like explainers, video tutorials, or reviews. This can be used in numerous industries, including retail, arts and culture, design, and more. When it comes to business or education, you can also add a video relevant to the topic.

How to get more scans for a website QR code?

Best practices & tips for video QR code

Add a short video

You can upload many YouTube videos to one QR code, it’s usually worth sticking to a few of your best short videos. Many long videos can slow down the loading time of your page and also make users abandon your videos without watching them.

QR Code leading to a short one minute video
showing exclusive video content through scanning QR Code
Offer exclusive content

Create a sense of exclusivity by offering additional content that can only be accessed through the QR code. This could be sneak peeks, explainers, or interviews related to your offer.

Track and analyze the performance

Using QR code tracking tools to monitor the performance of your QR code campaigns allows you to identify which platforms and strategies help generate the most scans. Use this data to optimize the QR code placement and promotional materials.

a preview of the analytics dashboard on video QR Codes
QR Code with call-to-action button to watch a video
Include call-to-action frames to encourage action

Adding a frame on your QR code can go a long way in capturing attention and getting more scans. A clear and compelling call to action can entice users to scan the QR code and show the value of the code.

Create a QR code for a video

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Different styles of QR codes created

Benefits of using QR codes for videos

preview of Pageloot’s video QR Code Generator tool

Easy access

QR codes provide a seamless way for users to access videos with just a scan. It’s a simple and efficient way for users to access video content. By scanning the code with their smartphones, viewers can instantly watch videos without the need for manual searching or typing URLs.

QR Code leading to a video file opened in browser tab

Powerful storytelling

By using video QR codes, businesses can attract and maintain the attention of their audience. The dynamic and immersive nature of videos allows for storytelling, demonstrations, and showcasing products or services in a compelling and memorable way.

two QR Codes getting scanned simultaniously


QR codes can be easily incorporated into various materials and platforms. They can be easily integrated into different channels and mediums. This versatility allows businesses to reach their audience through multiple touchpoints and adapt their video marketing to different contexts.

Scanning the video QR Code using smartphone

Boost user engagement

QR codes add an interactive element to video marketing. Businesses can encourage clients to explore additional video content. This increased engagement can result in longer viewing times, better brand awareness, and a stronger connection with the target audience.

QR Code that leads to video sent and shared online

Immersive experience

Videos provide a great experience by combining visuals, audio, and sometimes even text or subtitles. QR codes enable viewers to access this rich multimedia content with just a single scan, enhancing their overall experience and creating a deeper connection with the brand or message being shown.

two video QR Codes accessed by many people at the same time

Affordable marketing

Video QR codes can provide valuable analytics and insights into viewer behavior. Businesses can track metrics such as the number of scans, the duration of video views. Optimize video content with QR codes and refine your video marketing strategies for better results.



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