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How to Use QR Codes on Clothing?

QR Codes on Clothing
✓ Learn how to make QR Codes for Clothing.
✓ Discover why you should use QR Codes on clothing labels!

Table Of Contents

QR Codes on Clothing

If you have started reading this article, it means you know what a QR code is. Just to recall its meaning, a QR code is a 2D barcode that can store much more content than a normal barcode.

The typical black and white squares inside the code are usually linked to webpages, videos, pictures, and textual information. A smartphone with an installed or integrated QR scanner simply scans or reads the code to view the linked content.

There is no doubt that the QR code technology has multipurpose uses. It is already widely in use in education, retail, inventory, and marketing fields. Thus, you may be thinking about whether it is used in the clothing industry or not.

Well, QR codes are popular even in this industry. The fashionista, Ralph Lauren, has been in breaking news for his intelligent usage of QR codes. So, why should you use QR codes on apparels? Let’s check out!

The Need for QR Codes on Clothes

Let’s assume that your favorite hobby is making something creative, such as a quilt, using fabric. In that case, there will be some box or carton somewhere in your home, which is full of scrapings of leftover fabric from different project tried or finished.

Now that you have one more quilting project to complete, at some point, you will surely prefer to look through that box for scrapings that can help feel the gaps. You end up finding one fitting scraping in that box and found that you are short of a few inches.

As you had brought the original fabric a few years ago, it involves pressurizing your brain to recall from where it came, for what it was made in those days, or what was the buying cost. However, here, what if a QR code was there on the fabric to give you all these details?

Well, this is how a QR code can help your own customers by providing more details about the clothing either instantly at the time of buying or window shopping or later at any time.

Using QR codes on clothes, you can direct the customers to know about the remaining items of that product on sale, basic composition, special sewing requirements, and care instructions.

In the given example, the QR code should be imprinted on the rear of the fabric in a color that is not light enough to bleed but dark enough to be scanned by the smartphone scanner app. Further, the code should be such that it does not fade for years so that customers can scan it even after years of buying it.

Does this sound tough? Well, it is not! All you need to do is search on Google for an online free tool, create and customize the code, download it as a vector file, and print it as an image. You may prefer to place it along the finished edge or alongside the pattern.

Tips to Make Your QR Codes on Clothes Effective

So, how do you decide what your QR Code on clothing should be linked to? This is an important decision to accomplish your goals. Here are some tips for the same.

  • Focus on What You Want to Offer, Not What You Expect: Start with a novel or fresh mindset for a unique approach. The best way to do this is to think like the customer. What would they benefit from the most?. No, do not think of big offers but just a small and simple one. For example, when someone picks a shirt but is confused about whether to buy or not, a QR code on the tag should provide more details such as other sizes and colors. You can even show a video on what matching apparels or accessories can go with the shirt. This extra information may push that person to buy.
  • Share Inspirational Tales: Obviously, these tales should be the clothing manufactured or about the brand’s interesting milestones related to the product. So, link your QR code with a story of the product. You can share a bit of the company’s history or show what inspired you to make those clothes on sale. This will help your customers to know your brand as it is and identify with the goals.
  • Optimize Your Content for Smartphones: Most customers will be using smartphones for scanning your QR codes. So, the content that the code reveals upon scanning should be optimized for display on a mobile screen. Otherwise, you will end up irritating your customers.


So, will you make a QR code for your apparels on sale? Try it!

About the author

Siim Tiigimägi is the Content Lead at Pageloot. He writes about our innovative QR code generator services. With a profound expertise spanning over 5 years on QR codes, Siim is a subject matter expert in the field. He makes significant strides in leveraging QR technology to simplify and augment digital interactions.

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Table Of Contents

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