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A Comprehensive Guide to Effective QR Codes on Business Cards

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Guide to using QR codes on Business cards
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Business cards are super effective marketing tools. They get your business attention when it comes to events and meetups. All your important busness info is displayed there. But are they a bit outdated in today’s digital world?

Conventionally, storing details of this card after receiving it is a tedious job. This is because the receiver has to type the details for storing in its database. Nowadays technology has made it possible to save these details a lot quicker. This is possible thanks to vCard QR Codes, they make our lives a ton easier. These QR Codes help us bridge the gap between the online and offline worlds of business.

Their popularity is rising day by day among smartphone owners, as the phone itself can easily scan them with one tap to reveal the intended information such as name, address, contact details, and social media links.

So it is way more effective to be using QR Codes for business cards. Let’s find out about how to use these codes effectively on your business cards.

Making an Effective First Impression with QR Codes on Business Cards

Adding a QR code to a business card is not only for a business purpose but also for a social purpose. This is because it paves a new way of communicating about the offline business to online customers and vice-versa.

It not only adds value but also attracts the attention of several individuals around you. While the card’s conventional value is retained, including a QR code makes it unique. Further, it becomes much more comfortable to decode the encoded information with a single scan. This makes an ever-lasting impression on the viewers.

How to Use QR Codes for Business Cards

The main benefit of QR Codes on business cards is to give your contacts an easier way to save your info. Here are some more benefits of using them:

  • You can link to your LinkedIn page or add a business card QR Code. This is really helpful so people don’t need to keep your paper card with them.
  • You can link to an online catalog that displays all your services or products. Or maybe even n online portfolio if you’re an artist.
  • It’s possible to show off your unique skills and specialities. This is something that is impossible to do on normal printed paper business cards.
  • You can link a QR Code to your whitepaper, progress report, or anything really.

Choosing the Right Type of QR Code

A vCard is one of the ideal ways to include contact details on a QR code to be printed on a business card. It is a type of QR code that can hold all the contact details of your company. It is ideal to generate a dynamic vCard, as you can change the URL or information inside even after printing it. This is truly the selling point of these vCard codes.

The vCard format is versatile, as you can use it for exchanging contact data. For instance, you can import it into e-mail apps such as Gmail on phone or transfer to the contacts or address book directly from the smartphone.

Most smartphones or readers can instantly scan QR codes having these cards. After scanning the code with an encoded vCard on your phone, you will automatically see a notification of adding it to the existing contact list. Simply efficient, right?

Further, these contact details will always stay updated and will store as many further details as you like. Each time you edit or add contact details, the vCard is also updated. vCards in dynamic form are also viewable in most browsers.

Designing a QR Code for Your Business Card

There are many online dynamic vCard generators that work for free. They take the type of QR code you want to make (vCard here), allow entering all types of contact details, and then reveal customization options. These options include changing the color scheme, code size, and adding a logo. The size should be 3 x 3 cm, at least for clear visibility.

While you may feel like downloading the code after submitting the contact details, it is worth looking for and using the customization options to give that appealing look. Last, you need to download the code as a vector image such as SVG or EPS for having the best printing quality.

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