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What is a PDF QR code?

A PDF QR code is a type of readable code that links to a PDF document. When scanned with a mobile device, the QR code automatically opens the linked PDF document.

A big time saver since users need to just scan a code rather than download the PDF file themselves or search for it online.

PDF QR code generator that leads to a PDF file with a menu for pizzeria

How does QR code for PDF work?

two phones with a QR Code and a barcode

Choose PDF

A PDF QR code works similarly to a barcode that we can find on almost all products.

uploading PDF file to free QR Code Generator for PDFs


To link a QR code to a PDF, simply upload your PDF document to the generator tool. Customize it, and download the generated code.

phone scanning a PDF QR Code in a brochure


To scan a QR code you can either use your camera or a scanning app, depending on the device you have.

PDF file displayed on the phone after scanning the QR Code


Once scanned it will either automatically open the file in your browser or ask your permission to download the file to your device.

How to convert a PDF to QR code?

Find PDF file

Open the PDF QR code generator free online tool and create a free account. Find a PDF file you want to be shown in your QR code on your laptop.

signing up for free trial on Pageloot and selecting PDF from downloads on computer for PDF QR Code

Create PDF QR code

Choose a ‘PDF’ section on Pageloot’s QR code Maker page.

selecting ‘PDF’ on Pageloot PDF QR code generator page

Upload PDF

To upload your PDF file. Select it from your documents or drag and drop it into the document area.

uploading PDF file from desktop to Pageloot PDF QR code generator

Add style

Customize your QR code. When creating a QR code for PDF, add some branding elements like logos or icons. You can also customize the shape and size of the code itself as well. Choose the colors and shape.

In ‘Style & Frame’ section in Pageloot QR Code Generator, choose shape and frame of PDF QR Code

Extra features

If you sign up for Pageloot’s premium subscription, you’ll receive access to advanced functionality. Besides additional design features, you also get an analytics dashboard to track QR code activity and more features for editing. You can add your company name, PDF title, and description.

Overview of premium features on Pageloot PDF QR code generator

Download PDF QR code

Save your newly generated QR code by clicking on the “Download” button on the right side of the page. To make sure your QR code works correctly, scan it from various devices and make sure it opens your file.

clicking on ‘Download’ button to save the final version of QR Code for PDF on your device

All done!

Why do I need a PDF QR code?

How to create a qr code for a PDF for free

Any PDF file can be converted into a QR code and shared quickly. A PDF QR code offers a customizable design, tracking, and analytics functionality about code activity, accessibility, and quick sharing.

With a QR code Generator for PDF, you can convert all your relevant materials like research papers, ebooks, readings, catalogs, virtual event materials, and others into scannable QR codes that are easily accessible so users can retrieve important information whenever needed. QR codes are suitable for businesses of any size as well as personal use in everyday life.

Frequently asked questions

  • Why choose a QR code for a PDF file?

Using a PDF QR code is a great way to share a document with broad audiences. Even though you can text, email, or share Google Drive links with your PDF document, that’s not the fastest way to do so. Whereas, a QR code can be placed on packaging, newspapers, billboards, and others, where customers can access additional documents within seconds, simply by scanning.

  • How to create a QR code for a PDF for free?

You can convert any PDF file into a QR code by uploading it into our free QR code Generator for PDFs. Before making a QR code, you would need to upload your file to Google Drive or Dropbox and copy the link for sharing.

If you want to upload your file directly in the converter, then you can sign up for the 14-day free trial for our advanced QR code Generator to create various QR codes in just a few seconds. You will also get access to premium features like analytics or editing. 

  • How much does it cost to convert a PDF to QR code?

You can leverage your free account and get basic functionality to create QR codes for PDFs. If you need more advanced features for your business, you should check out our premium subscription with plans offered at different pricing points depending on your business requirements.

  • How to scan a QR code for PDF?

To scan a QR code, you can use the camera on your smartphone or a code-reading app. When you scan a QR code, the reader on your camera gets triggered. And if the QR code withholds a URL, your phone will open the URL in the browser. The same goes for a PDF document – it will be opened in the user’s default browser or pop up to be downloaded to the device.

  • What data can be stored in a PDF QR code?

When you link a QR code to PDF, you can have a selected PDF stored in it as well as a landing page or welcome document to provide clients with additional information. This can be your website, company name, document description, and a call-to-action button. This helps users better understand what file they’ll download or see and will ensure more scans.

More questions?

Contact us and we’ll be happy to help!

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Hugo Laurent
Hugo Laurent
Read More
The most easy and reliable QR code Generator ever. PDF files can be uploaded instantly. Our restaurant menus are now digital.
Lucas Jansen
Lucas Jansen
Read More
This is an excellent tool and the QR codes take you to just where you want. We only use the location QR code but there are so many useful features.
Emma Moretti
Emma Moretti
Read More
Easy to use and quick. It works great and creates a perfect images, so employees can download my vCard.
Hugo Laurent
Hugo Laurent
Read More
The most easy and reliable QR code Generator ever. PDF files can be uploaded instantly. Our restaurant menus are now digital.
Lucas Jansen
Lucas Jansen
Read More
This is an excellent tool and the QR codes take you to just where you want. We only use the location QR code but there are so many useful features.
Emma Moretti
Emma Moretti
Read More
Easy to use and quick. It works great and creates a perfect images, so employees can download my vCard.

Create a QR code from a PDF

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

QR code generator dashboard preview

Where to use a PDF QR code?

Tap on the images to zoom in

PDF QR Code on packaging directing to a manual for smartphone

Product packaging

When ordering electronics, appliances, or even some furniture, it usually requires additional setup. User manuals with instructions are usually very big and can get confusing. By including a QR code on the packaging or in a product email, you can get more detailed information about instructions and product usage, moreover, you can link a PDF file with video tutorials.

Scanning QR Code on a presentation during a lecture at university


During lectures and presentations, many students may get distracted and miss important details. With a QR code with presentations or reading files, students can keep the materials and review needed information later. QR codes can also be used to send out important files instead of wasting print materials, which also have some limitations.

PDF QR Code in a book with additional materials

Press & publishing

PDF QR codes can be printed in books to allow readers access to extra story materials or additional chapters. You can also include a book preview or ebook with summaries of other books. The possibilities are endless and it makes a very creative way to engage your niche audience.

PDF QR Code on a table near a cup of coffee at a cafe

Restaurants & small shops

Seasonal menus are a big hit in the restaurant business. Having to print new menus every season is too expensive and time-consuming. That’s why QR codes are perfect for this. You can print them out once and change the content later without the need to print new ones. The same can apply to small retailers that may not have a website but can use QR codes with PDFs to showcase the product selection.

How to get more scans for a PDF QR code?

Best practices & tips for PDF QR codes

Test your QR code before sharing

You wouldn’t want to lose potential clients just because your QR code PDF is broken. To save your time, money, and frustration in the long run, make sure it works efficiently from various devices before you print it out or share it online.

scanning a QR Code on computer display using a smartphone to open a webpage
Phone with QR Code Generator opened on screen
Choose a good QR code Generator

By choosing a good reliable QR code generator you can be sure that your QR code will be functional. Many providers offer various functions to edit the QR code and tailor it according to our needs.

Add a short description

A short description gives users more clarity on what they’ll receive when they open the file. It also provides more details about the product and its value, so it has a chance to significantly boost the scan rate.

PDF File opened from QR Code displaying short description of a file
PDF QR Code on various screens: phone, laptop, tablet
Optimize The QR code for all devices

Make sure your PDF is optimized for all devices and the font, images, and layout are clear on a small or big screen.

Create a QR code from a PDF

Free 14-day trial. No credit card required.

Different styles of QR codes created

Benefits of using a QR code generator for PDF

a globe with location icons showing access to one PDF file from different parts of the world

Increased awareness

Using a PDF QR code generator can lead to increased awareness for your businesses. QR codes can be displayed and printed on flyers, posters, and packaging. They can also be shared in emails, banner ads, and even in videos.

dashboard with QR Code analytics, showing key data points

QR code analytics

A QR code from PDF can collect information on how many times they were scanned and from where. All this can be viewed in a dashboard on a generator’s website. QR codes can be also used to collect contact information with forms. You can create interactive PDFs for that.

scanning a QR Code with a phone to view PDF file

Better user experience

By using a QR code generator tool, you’ll be able to create a better user experience for your customers. Your clients won’t need to manually type in a long URL, search the web, or ask you to send the PDF file to them.

QR Code for PDF file shown on the page online opened on a laptop

Inexpensive advertising tool

Free PDF QR code Generator is a very cost-effective tool to use for advertising. The key benefits include low costs of production, simple distribution via a variety of online and offline channels, increased engagement (customers engage with content that is easily accessible), and versatility.

QR Code graphic with updates

Quick & easy updates

PDF documents can be edited and updated using various tools, even after the QR code has been printed or shared. The PDF to QR code Generator updates the file without printing again. This is a huge benefit for businesses, especially the ones that need to update their product pricing or product information frequently.

graph showing growth with a QR Code

Increased engagement

Easy access to digital content leads to increased interest. With QR codes quickly created online you can reach a new level of customization and customer engagement. Include interactive content like embedded videos, animations, and clickable links that encourage customers to interact with the content from QR code.



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Call-to-action frames help your customers interact with the QR Code easily. Try them out!

Add more style with shapes

QR Codes don’t have to be square. Try switching it up to fit your brand’s image.

Add a logo to your QR Code

Make your QR code stand out by adding your logo and brand to it.

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Add your App links to our smart App Store QR Code. The users are redirected based on their device.

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  • Menus & price lists
  • Instructions
  • Any documents

Edit later without printing

Dynamic QR Codes let you change the contents of your QR Code without having to print new ones.

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