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How to scan barcode

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2. Make sure you have it clearly visible in the camera
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Most popular barcode types

GS1 128 barcode

GS1 barcode

The GS1-128 (EAN 128) is a modern version with ASCII characters. Mainly used in the retail industry and for tracking goods.

Max length: Unlimited
Characters: ASCII
Use case: Tracking, Retail

UPC barcode

UPC barcode

There are two types of UPC barcodes: UPC-A and UPC-E. The first one has 12 digits and the second one has 8 digits, placed on smaller products.

Max length: 8-12
Characters: 0-9
Use case: Warehouses, Retail

Barcode 128

Barcode 128

This is a universal barcode and it is a good choice. We can see code 128 being used in shipping and transport for example.

Max length: Unlimited
Characters: ASCII
Use case: Shipping, Transport

Data matrix code

Data matrix

This is a 2D barcode. It can contain numbers, text and data. The main use case for data matrix is to label medical goods and electronics.

Max length: Up to 3116
Characters: ASCII
Use case: Electronics, Medical

EAN 13 barcode

EAN barcode

EAN barcodes can be seen mainly used in retail stores. The different versions of EAN have different lengths of characters.

Max length: 2-12
Characters: 0-9
Use case: Retail

ISBN barcode

ISBN barcode

ISBN barcodes are used to identify magazines and books. They include the title of the book, country and publisher name.

Max length: Fixed
Characters: 0-9
Use case: Books, Magazines

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Barcode vector safety

Scan with Safety – Avoid errors with barcodes that can be made easily. The barcode scanner shows you a secure preview, so you can verify if all the information is correct.

Barcode png folders

Bring Structure to Your Barcodes – You can easily group them into folders or organize by tags. Always find the codes you need with search and filters.

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