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Frequently asked questions

  • What is a QR code reader?

A QR code reader is a tool that interprets QR codes, which store information in two-dimensional barcodes, unlocking various content like URLs or text.

  • How to scan a QR code?

To scan a QR code, open your smartphone camera. Align the code in the frame, and let the app capture it to reveal the contents. If it doesn’t work, you can always use our free online scanner tool.

  • How to use a QR code scanner app?

Use a QR code scanner by launching the app. Aim your device’s camera at the code, and let the app interpret and display the encoded information. You can try our free online scanner app.

  • Do I need an app to scan a QR code?

Usually no. Most modern smartphones’ camera apps have built-in QR code scanning functionality nowadays. This eliminates the need for a separate app. However, you can always use a free app if it does not work for any reason.

  • How to read a QR code contents online?

Read QR code contents by using a QR code scanner. It deciphers the code’s encoded data, which can be a URL, text, contact information, and more.

  • Can I use a QR code scanner online for free?

Yes, many free online QR code scanners are available. They decode QR codes through web browsers, offering convenient access without downloading an app.

  • How much does QR code scanner app cost?

The cost of a QR code scanner app varies. Many are free, while some premium versions may offer additional features for a fee.

  • How to scan a QR code on iOS?

On iOS, access the QR scanner by opening the Camera app and pointing it at the code. A notification banner will appear; tap to access the content.

  • How to scan a QR code on Android?

On Android, use Google Lens by opening the Camera app and tapping the Lens icon. Alternatively, download a QR code reader app from the Play Store to scan codes.

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Share your MP3 files

Upload and display everything you need:

  • Audio files
  • Podcasts
  • Music

Get more scans with frames

Call-to-action frames help your customers interact with the QR Code easily. Try them out!

Add more style with shapes

QR Codes don’t have to be square. Try switching it up to fit your brand’s image.

Add a logo to your QR Code

Make your QR code stand out by adding your logo and brand to it.

Smart App Store redirects

Add your App links to our smart App Store QR Code. The users are redirected based on their device.

Upload an image to a QR Code

Share your images easily. Change any image dynamically within seconds.

Share your PDF files

Upload and display everything you need:

  • Menus & price lists
  • Instructions
  • Any documents

Edit later without printing

Dynamic QR Codes let you change the contents of your QR Code without having to print new ones.

When? Where? Track your QR Code scans

Discover which of your QR Codes receive the most scans and what excites your clients the most.

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Want to download your QR Codes in HD resolution? Get vector or pixel formats that are ready to be printed.

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