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How to Use QR Codes on Posters

Having QR codes on posters may benefit your business
✅ Learn how to use QR codes on posters.
✅ Discover how you can get more engagement and interest with QR codes.

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Having QR codes on posters may benefit your business

Are you planning to create a poster for your next musical concert or a business conference? Well, there is a great idea to make it interactive and more engaging. Now that you are about to design a poster, consider the idea of adding a QR code to it for linking it to a promo video or a surprise announcement. 

Since several decades, posters have been an effective marketing tool. It is not just an art piece but also a medium to share the required information with the masses in the most interesting manner. The art of designing one such poster has gone through several evolutions, right from design to printing.

However, what was not considered is the art of making it interactive instead of making it more visually appealing. This post motivates you to use such codes on your upcoming posters by sharing why and how aspects so that you can maximize the expected marketing output.

Why QR Codes on Posters

A QR code is a 2D barcode holding relevant information in an encoded format. This information can be anything textual or a multimedia file, such as a link to a webpage or online video, contact details, venue coordinates on Google map, coupon codes, or a link to PDF giving event information.

With the advent of QR codes that can contain a logo, different colors, and short but effective Call to Action (CTA), posters can now be interactive. Similarly, with more and more online QR code tools, it has become easy and quick to design your own (custom) QR code.

Further, there is now no need for any special scanner equipment to read or scan such codes on posters. A smartphone or a tablet now can act as a scanner, which simply adds to the overall usage convenience.

Upon scanning the integrated QR code into a poster, the target link or information automatically loads in the smartphone or tablet without any manual intervention. Adding QR codes to posters paves a quick and effortless way of combining printed marketing with the digital one.

This also results in the benefit of less and concise text on a poster, as the code can be linked to multimedia. For example, a QR code on a poster can link to an online video of a product or an upcoming event promo.

Such a poster can just have a colorful background with an appealing image and just 2-3 lines of text. Instead of having a series of images on a poster, the viewers can directly see the full animation or video on their phone while engaging with the topic presented on the poster.

Designing a Poster QR Code

Let’s get started by recalling some real posters having QR code. This gives us an idea of what kind of design goes into and what content should be linked to a QR code.

Do you recall the famous poster of the Coke company, which had a QR code showing a fellow opening a can? Even Starbucks was in the breaking news for their poster having a QR code with coffee beans inside.

It can be observed that the traditional tool was given a new look of a QR code with a logo. So, you too can get started with your own logo in the middle of a QR code you generate using an online free tool. While designing your code, it is wise to focus on the following aspects of customization:

  • Color: Do change the typical white and black look to something that aligns with your brand or product/event to be promoted. This will give your poster and code a distinct look in the world of conventional marketing.
  • Position: Your QR code should grab the attention of maximum viewers. So, it should be ideally in the middle of the poster.
  • Interest-initiating CTA: Just adding ‘Scan for a promo video’ or ‘Scan to Get 20% Off’ to your QR code increase the probability of maximum scans. This is because the viewer now knows what they are going to obtain upon scanning the code.

Finally, test the code (scan it) using a smartphone before you download as a vector (high-resolution) file for printing. Doing so will let you know whether scanning the code is performing the intended action.

Just ensure that you do not end up doing too much of the text or design on your poster. Just maintain the right balance between the poster content and blank space.


So, would you put a QR code on your upcoming poster? Try it and experience the benefits

Frequently asked questions

How can I use QR codes on posters effectively?

To use QR codes on posters effectively, ensure they provide value to viewers, like accessing exclusive content, discounts, or information. Place them strategically for easy scanning.

What is the purpose of adding QR codes to posters?

Adding QR codes to posters serves the purpose of connecting physical and digital worlds. They offer quick access to additional information, promotions, or interactive experiences.

Can I create QR codes for posters online for free?

Yes, you can create QR codes for posters online for free using various QR code generator tools available on the internet.

What information or content should QR codes on posters link to?

QR codes on posters should link to relevant content such as product details, event information, videos, websites, or social media profiles that enhance the poster’s message.

Are there specific design guidelines for QR codes on posters?

QR codes on posters should follow design guidelines for readability. They should contrast with the background, maintain a minimum size, and use error correction to ensure scanning reliability.

How do I generate QR codes and add them to my posters?

To generate QR codes for posters, you can use online QR code generators. After generating the code, you can download and add it to your poster design.

What size should QR codes be on posters for optimal scanning?

The optimal size for QR codes on posters depends on the scanning distance and the content they link to. Generally, a size of 2-3 centimeters (about 1 inch) is suitable for posters.

Are there any creative or interactive ways to incorporate QR codes on posters?

You can creatively incorporate QR codes on posters by making them part of a design element, using them for giveaways, or linking to interactive experiences like augmented reality or contests.

How can I track the performance and engagement of QR codes placed on posters?

To track QR code performance, use analytics tools provided by QR code generator platforms. Monitor scans, locations, and user engagement to assess your poster’s impact.

About the author

Siim Tiigimägi is the Content Lead at Pageloot. He writes about our innovative QR code generator services. With a profound expertise spanning over 5 years on QR codes, Siim is a subject matter expert in the field. He makes significant strides in leveraging QR technology to simplify and augment digital interactions.

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