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How can I scan a QR Code?


QR codes spiked in popularity when phone cameras grew more advanced about a decade ago (Lacoma, 2018). However, with better mobile websites and near-field communication, these codes started to dwindle. At that point, scanning felt somewhat obsolete. The squares are now finding their way back. You can now find codes for anything ranging from social commands to monetary donations.

Despite being somewhat advanced, these new QR codes still function the same way. You only need to identify the square code and open a scanning app. Allow your phone to do the code scanning and carrying out of the command. However, it might be quite some time since you last used a QR code. You may not even be sure about whether your current handset can handle it. To help you out here is a guideline on how you scan QR codes on iOS or Android devices.

Scanning on an iPhone

Step 1: Open your camera app

iPhones come with an in-built QR code scanning feature. Thus, you need not download a separate scanning app. You can find the QR code reader in your device’s Control Panel.

Step 2: Place your phone in a way that allows the QR code to appear in the digital viewfinder

Your iPhone’s Camera app recognizes the QR code. However, the correct angle and distance can help to a great deal. While The QR code need not fill your entire screen, all its four corners should be visible. Use a straightforward approach for easy recognition. Image stabilization technology helps with the shaking. You should try to avoid too much movement to ensure the code squares remain visible.

Step 3: Launch the code

With iPhones, the start of QR code activity is not automatic. Instead, a notification bar pops up at the top of your screen. The notification indicates that the phone has verified the QR. It also has a small description of the purpose of the QR code-such as opening a particular website. To launch the code activity, tap on this notification bar.

Scanning on an Android Phone

Step 1: Find out if the phone supports QR code scanning

Unfortunately, not all Android gadgets boast this feature. As such, you may need to take some extra steps before you scan.

Google Assistant usually detects QR codes. All you need to do is say “OK, Google” or long press on the device’s Home Icon and then tap the Google Lens icon situated at the bottom right. If your device does not come with this feature, your best option is to download QR Scanner from PageLoot.

Step 2: Open the scanning app

Open the QR Code scanning app you have installed in your device. The apps should contain a scanning function you can immediately select. Alternatively, they may open onto a QR Code scanning window through the camera.

Step 3: Position the QR code

Ensure that all four corners of the code are visible in your device’s scanning window. Usually, your camera should be above the code you are scanning. Be sure to hold your phone steady as it verifies the code.

Step 4: Select your option

The app shows a pop-up option to allow you to take action in line with the QR code. Pick the option you find most appropriate.


Business owners benefit most from the use of QR codes. These codes make it easy for customers to access any info that a business wants to provide. As we have seen, scanning codes is now easier than ever. It has opened up a world of possibilities, because it’s now easy to share high-value information at a very low cost. It’s easy to create the codes. It’s much harder to use them creatively to attract and engage customers. How will you scan QR codes? Click here for access to Pageloot’s QR Scanner.

If you need to create QR Codes online, be sure to check out this Free QR Code Generator.

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Siim T

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