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QR Codes for Consumer Electronics Could Lead to Increased Sales

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According to the ClickIQ survey, 50% of buyers online first go to a street-side shop to perform their research. Well, this trend seems to be applicable to consumer electronics. Why so? This is because the potential consumers are obviously interested in seeing these products in hand, viewing their demo, and comparing their functioning live.

ClickIQ also revealed that 29% of consumers performing research using a smartphone while in a brick-and-mortar shop buy that product through an exclusive online retailer such as Amazon. This is because such online retailers provide exclusive discounts, making the product more affordable than that at the brand’s store or at the official website.

Both cases reveal that it has become more important than before for the retailers of consumer products to provide an integrated and engaging shopping experience, especially to the smartphone users. So, do you own a consumer electronics store and wish to increase your own sales instead of allowing the same for some other retailer offering your products? 

In that case, you need to convert those researching consumers into buyers. This is where QR codes can help you significantly to run an effective mobile marketing campaign for your brand’s store.

According to a Nielsen survey, more than 55% of smartphone owners scan QR codes while in electronics stores. This is truly a big opportunity for you, as you can tap the potential of smartphones in engaging them such that they feel like buying straight from your brand’s store instead of taking an additional effort of buying from somewhere else.

Here are a few creative ways of using QR codes that can lead to increased sales of consumer electronics.

Instant Access to Reviews Just before Buying

According to the Nielsen survey, electronics stores are the most famous places where people search and go through reviews, with department stores and mass merchandisers being second and third in the list. More than 70% of buyers have agreed that they read reviews on their smartphones while roaming in electronics stores for buying electronics.

So, how do you make it more convenient for them to access reviews? Simple! Just apply QR codes on your electronic products scanning which they can easily see a couple of reviews that are transparent and provide ‘as it is’ picture of the product under investigation.

With such reviews, more and more customers are likely to buy that product from the store, resulting in more sales.


Let’s assume that your customers want to buy a mixer. Now, if you apply a QR code on it and if they scan it, they can receive a freebie surprise. For example, they might be delighted to know that they will get a small jar worth $25 for free if they buy the mixer in the next two days. Similarly, you can offer a USB cable or earphones free with the purchase of CPUs or smartphones. Such offers always result in more sales than expected.

Coupon Codes

Are you planning to have limited offers on electronic gadgets or services? If yes, then do consider sharing them with your customers through QR codes. Print one such code on the glass window display near the checkout area of your store.

Customers who are about to pay their bill will then scan it instantly to get the discount or save it on their mobile gadgets for redeeming the linked coupon. Being delighted, they will share the offer with others, which will surely help in increasing your sales.

On Sale Announcement via Behavior Tracking

A QR code can help in tracking the scans to know about the products or sales that would be of interest to customers as per their behavior. For example, if a customer has scanned codes for routers during former visits, the next scan can share the announcement of one of those routers going on sale.

Similarly, if the product is a smart TV, the code can share the announcement of the latest model introduced in the market with new smart features. Likewise, scanning the code for an oven can reveal a list of sizes and colors available on sale and a single tap on the opened announcement link can allow booking the product with a discount too.


The aforementioned uses of QR codes in a consumer electronics store certainly reduce the chance of losing your customers who actually could not get engaged in your store. The resulting engagement of customers effectively then results in increased sales as well as satisfaction.

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