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Does it Make Sense to Use QR Codes on Windows?


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QR codes have managed to gain attention from an increasing number of marketing professionals regardless of the company type, scale, or industry. Right from small to multinational firms and from bystanders to customers, all have started embracing the codes’ versatility.

Big brands such as Nestle and Heinz are using dynamic QR codes on their products. This clearly indicates that these codes are paving a way to an interactive and lasting relationship with the interested or target customers.

The marketers are widely utilizing these codes for reaching a wider market segment. One of the ways they are utilizing is using them on the windows of a shop or a store.

Well, this has a lot of significance for those whose business still is developing in the digital world while already prospering in the offline arena. Figuratively, most people do more window shopping than the actual one in stores.

The underlying notion here is that they are looking for as much information as possible about an item or service prior to investing in it. Using QR codes on your display windows can provide access to product information in the form of videos, infographics, and reviews.

Regardless of their niche, business owners have gained significantly from displaying QR codes on their shops’ windows. This trend is likely to surge in the coming days or months. So, would you too like to be a part of it? Keep reading to know some simple and practical tips for the same.

Focus on Positive and Wide-ranging Impact

You should strategically use the QR codes on windows of your shops, as any hit-or-miss kind of approach is likely to trigger unfavorable results. It is wise to start with the analysis of where to put the QR code so that it can maximize the positive impact on more and more customers or onlookers.

Usually, the QR codes are placed on the right side of the store entrance or side window. The idea here is to ensure maximum involvement of customers even if the store is closed.

Just as with other tools of direct sales, it is vital to add a Call-To-Action (CTA) alongside the code. This CTA will inform the viewers or customers what they will get once they use their smartphone’s QR code reader on windows to scan the code. The clearer and shorter your message, the more effective it is likely to be.

Include Basic Information on How to Use the QR Code

You should recognize the fact that several viewers or customers would be unaware of how to use QR codes or why to even use them. You seriously have no single reason to assume that all viewers would be experienced QR users.

So, it is rational to give clear, systematic information on what they should do. This can be covered in 2-3 simple steps. Apart from that, do also tell them from where to download a QR scanning app on their smartphones.

Link QR Codes with Interesting or Valuable Matter

Just making a stunning QR code using the best QR code generator for windows is only 50% work done. Just understand that these codes are not just for making impulse purchases but also for creating a lasting relationship with your store. To achieve this, you need to ensure that the content you share through the code is accessible at any time and from anywhere.

Further, the content should be such that the customers keep coming back in the future. In simple words, simply do not give a link to the website of your shop. Linking in this way is pure sluggishness and is not going to have any major impact on making relationships or increasing sales.

Rather, let the code scanning allow the customers to be a part of some sweepstake, discount offers for their next purchases, or social media campaigns promoted via Facebook. These are some of the most engaging and foolproof ways of attracting more and more customers to increase your customer base.

Another way to keep your customers engaged is to share something exclusively regarding your product or new, upcoming product. For example, you can share tips, dos and don’ts, and expert advice on using that product or hiring a service. You can even share a product catalog showing the different sizes and colors in which that product is available.


When placed at the right position and for triggering the most interesting interaction, a QR code on a store’s window can significantly benefit both the business and its customers. This, in turn, results in maximum customer satisfaction and rising monetary gains.


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Table Of Contents

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