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How and Why Do I Use a QR Code?

How and Why Do I Use a QR Code

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Quick Response (QR) codes have almost become omnipresent; you can see them on the package of your devices, on business cards, on marketing media such as flyers and TVs, and even on buildings as painted images.

Customers and companies both use them to disseminate and store different types of details in such a way that is promptly accessible to any individual using a smartphone. Do not be surprised if you spot a QR code on a billboard, T-shirt, or on a web page.

Why QR Codes?

QR codes are too simple to create and instant to use. They are a suitable way to store all types of information in a little space. If the details you need to encode inside a QR code is nothing but only alphanumeric characters, you can store up to 4K such characters in a single code.

You may think of using even a standard barcode. However, QR codes are more useful, as they are capable of storing more data virtually, including text, multimedia, and geo-information.

Another benefit is that any mobile phone can scan or read them; there is no need for a special scanner for it. When it comes to how to use QR codes or scan them, you only need an app in your mobile that can scan or read it.

How Do I Use QR Codes?

These codes had originated in Japan where they are widely used even today. Quickly scanned by a mobile phone, these codes encode a piece of information from a temporary media and store it on your phone.

Once scanned by the phone acting as a scanner, the code is likely to reveal details about that specific brand or business such as nearby branches or an URL taking you to a web page showing the movie trailer.

It can also reveal details about the individual having the t-shirt or give discount offer applicable to some products in a departmental store. These are some practical purposes that answer the latter part of why and how to use QR codes.

Regardless of how big or small your business is you can use these codes in different ways. For example, you can truly auto-generate a QR code for each product and place it next to its image on your web site. This code can have all the product details, the link to share with others via the mobile phone, and the number to call and get more details about the product.

Another common use of QR codes is to make it contain a business card having all contact details so that the customers can easily add your number to their mobile phone’s contacts.

In short, you can use the QR codes by adding them to print or virtual advertising means such as web pages, cards, TV ads, and posters. This will allow sharing contact, product, event, competition, video, social media IDs and offer details.


It is truly motivating to know how and why do I use QR codes, as the former is simple and the latter is lucrative to business.

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