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How to Create a QR Code?

How to Make a QR Code in Just 3 Easy Steps

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Made initially for use in the Japanese automotive industry, a QR code is now widely used across different industries in the world. For example, it is used in business cards for downloading the contact details quickly. This itself indicates the importance of knowing how to create a scan code.

A QR code implements an encoding mix of binary, numeric, and alphanumeric characters for storing data that a mobile or computing device can access smoothly. Unlike the conventional barcodes that have restrictions on data storage, QR codes are capable of storing a lot of information. If you’re searching for how to create a QR code for a link, you’ve reached the right place.

Why make your own QR Codes?

Although having an odd appearance, QR codes are used for offering a variety of services. In fact, in several Asian countries, it is the current way to connect users to services and information sources. For example, in Russia, QR codes are in use for making online payments and logging to an authorized webpage.

Even companies such as the New York Times Magazine and American Airlines use these codes for fulfilling their marketing goals related to customer engagement. So, such interesting facts truly motivates any businessman or a professional to learn how to create your own QR code. So, let’s find out!

3 Steps to How to Create a QR Code

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It is simple to make your own QR code. You don’t need to struggle for it, provided you have the full knowledge of doing so. So, let’s have a look at how to make your own QR code in the form of steps.

As the first step, you need to select a QR code generator, such as one from Shopify, Pageloot and These tools are available online. Many of them are free, which is the answer to how to create QR code free.

Next, using the tool, create the code and link it to the target URL to which your user needs to reach. For example, it can be your Facebook page giving updates on new product launches.

Here, you need to know that two types of codes exist namely, a dynamic that is editable and static having data that you cannot change. Well, it is easy to understand how to add QR code. Just be creative here and add your logo and some animation too to the code.

The third and last step is to test the code so that you are ensured that whoever clicks it reaches the right destination. So, these are 3 easy steps for how do you get a QR code.

Tracking the New QR Code

Just knowing how to make QR code online is not enough. You also need to know about QR code tracking so that you can keep an eye on its performance. Use some SEO tool for the same and see how much traffic is coming from the code and which actions are taken on the destination.


It’s clear from the steps above how to generate QR code. Searching the right QR code generator is the key here. A tool that is free and allows adding your own creativity is perhaps the best QR generator. Once the code is created, you can find out the different innovative methods to deploy it for connecting the physical and virtual worlds.

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