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Reasons Why QR Codes Are a Gold Mine of Customer Relationship Building

How to Use and Utilize QR Codes

Table Of Contents

How to Use and Utilize QR Codes

It all started with a trend. At first, you could see websites in magazines or on television ads. Then, you could see MySpace links, then Facebook pages and now, QR codes. QR codes are everywhere. You can see them on cars, magazines and even in major squares all over the world. They are on large billboards and posters and make a perfect bridge between the online and offline.

However, generating your own QR code for free and placing it everywhere will not always guarantee for the best results. Instead, you need to consider some QR code marketing tips and strategies to actually make things work. So, what should you pay attention to?

All about Planning

Planning your campaign is one of the most important QR code marketing tips. You need to understand your audience and have some clear goals in mind. When understanding your perfect customer, ask yourself a few questions. Do they need instructions regarding QR codes? Do they require a particular scanner? Where will these codes be scanned?

Your goals are just as important. Maybe you want more customers, brand exposure, more likes, a bigger email list and so on. A few incentives will also help in the process. Some QR codes lead to contests and competitions. Others link to special offers or coupons, not to mention free ebooks, live agents, virtual tours, free MP3s and so on.

Many newbie marketers implement QR codes everywhere, but they fail to provide the most important part – the actual incentives. Such things give value to your codes, while your customers are more likely to keep scanning them because they know they will be rewarded.

Quality Comes First

Most people opt for QR codes, yet they also have the MS tag technology. Both are free. QR codes seem to be more popular because of the initial free profile. The MS tag technology allows better statistics and tracking, as well as a deeper customization.

Just because you have a QR code, it does not mean that it will deliver. Instead, it depends on what you associate them with. For example, a QR code that does not scan or work will ruin your reputation. It is just like a new potential customer visits your website and finds a bunch of broken links. They are less likely to come back.

At this point, it is obvious that testing your code is a must. Try it on all kinds of devices and readers. Also, the shorter the link, the more scannable the code – use short URLs for maximum efficiency. Contrast is also a must, so stick to strong colors – black and white make the perfect combination. Other colors are also accepted, as long as the contrast is good.

Keep in mind that larger is better, while a quiet zone around it is a must. Stick to matte surfaces over highly reflected surfaces. Finally, think about the scanning environment. The subway is a great advertising idea because of so many people getting there, but then, they are less likely to have an Internet connection, so the code is useless.

Mobile Optimization

No one will scan a QR code with a laptop or a desktop. Most people will do it with smartphones and a few will use tablets. From this point of view, your website must be mobile optimized or the whole experience will be tarnished for your visitors.

There is a difference between mobile friendly and mobile optimized. Choose the second one for the best possible experience.

Tracking and Statistics

Tracking results is one of the main advantages of using QR codes. You can see the number of scans, for example, but finding a code management system is even better. It will provide richer information and more detailed statistics, so you can easily optimize your marketing campaign based on results.

Value and a Great User Experience

Last, but not least, provide value. QR codes are tools. Their efficiency depends on how they are used. Different marketers have different ideas, hence the necessity of a plan. What works for some people will not work for everyone else, so you will need to come up with your own ideas and make them work together. Since everything revolves around the potential customer, this is what you need to focus on – a valuable user experience.


As a short final conclusion, there are plenty of small QR code marketing tips out there to enhance your campaign, but planning it in small details and providing value are the best things to keep in mind.

About the author

Siim Tiigimägi is the Content Lead at Pageloot. He writes about our innovative QR code generator services. With a profound expertise spanning over 5 years on QR codes, Siim is a subject matter expert in the field. He makes significant strides in leveraging QR technology to simplify and augment digital interactions.

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