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Everything You Need to Know About QR Code Tracking

How to Track QR Codes
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If you cannot track it, you cannot improve it – this rule applies to everything when it comes to marketing. Since QR codes make such good marketing tools these days, keeping track of their results is imperative for maximum efficiency. QR codes come with automated tracking solutions, yet you need to know how to take advantage of them and where to make some changes. Simply put, their benefits will save you lots of effort, as well as time. Here are some of the optimal ways to boost your campaign based on nothing but statistics.

Type of Data Gathered by QR Codes

The best part about QR codes? They provide basic statistics without you having to do anything. Sure, there are certain programs and software that will provide many more details – more is always better. But assuming that you are just starting, basics will work wonders.

Most importantly, you will get a number of total scans. At the same time, you will get a number of unique scans. This way, you know how many potential customers you actually got and how many of them are really interested for doing it more than once.

Other helpful statistics include the time, date, location, device and OS. From all of these, the location, date and time are the most important ones. First, if you use the code in more places, you will know which locations are successful and which ones fail. Second, knowing the time and date will help you understand the ideal times for your codes and can stimulate your marketing campaign plans.

Automatic Information Transfers

Believe it or not, many companies today (especially the small ones) transfer details manually. In other words, they waste time. When you need to keep track of multiple things at once, your time waste builds up. You will lose hours a week transferring statistics. With QR codes, you can forget about this issue.

QR codes make it quite simple to transfer everything you need within a few seconds only. Let your statistics build up for a week or a month, transfer everything in a few seconds and find out what is really important straight away – no drama, no hassle, no stress.

Asset Record Storage

On another note, tracking particular aspects of your campaigns implies checking multiple locations. A marketing campaign can include dozens of aspects and each of them must be tracked individually. Even worse, each element will have its own storage. It can be confusing, especially when there is too much information to check.

The automatic QR code tracking software keeps all your records in one place. You only have one system to check. Besides, everything is updated. While statistics are not 100% precise, they will give you more than enough information on what works and what does not.

No More Guesswork

Whether some systems are not updated or they do not provide enough data, guesswork may work or fail. Would you take the risk? Exactly! A professional wants to know exactly which locations work and which ones waste money.

QR code tracking prevents these situations. Statistics update in real time in one place. You can keep track of assets and patterns, which makes planning much more efficient.

Adjusting Your Campaign

There are a few different ways to adjust your marketing campaign based on QR code tracking.

First, you might want to change the QR code. If it is dynamic, you can do it without investing in bulk printing again. Simply give users a different incentive. If you used to link to your special offers page, perhaps you should link to a coupon code instead. You might still have to reprint everything, as you should let them know what they get for scanning your code. Take advantage of a call to action.

Second, using the code in more locations will help you figure out which places work better. If a code fails in a certain area, it may not be the best place for it. Try another place instead. Go for another ad or another magazine. It is up to you to research the market and figure where your potential customers might be. The point is – knowing is winning, as you can adjust until you win from all directions.


As a short final conclusion, QR code tracking can and will work wonders in the long run. Let your stats build up for more specific data and take advantage of it once you have enough. Apart from free tracking, you can also invest in more professional software that provides even more data.

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