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How to Print Generated QR Codes

How to Print Generated QR Codes

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Unsurprisingly, it has become increasingly common for most of us to know how to generate and print QR codes. So, even you are one of them and wondering on how to print QR codes on paper? If yes, this is the right post for you to read.

You may have quickly learned and created your QR code using some free online tool or generator. Now, you wish to find out how to print the same, as you may want it to appear in a flyer, on a product, or on its packaging. Well, you can use top-quality QR code printer for this purpose.

The good news is that you can print QR codes in different ways. Once you create QR code, it is essential to download it as an image so that you can include it in the documents or media to be printed. This is something that the generator tool can do for you.

Available formats and resolutions differ as per the generator tool in use. For example, a free version may support just one or two formats such a PNG or JPG, while the Basic version may support more such as TIFF and SVG. Once you have downloaded, you need to focus on the size for printing.

QR Codes Printing Size 

QR Codes size must be so big enough that the smartphone’s scanner or reader should be able to decode it. Otherwise, no reader or scanner will be able to read it. Sadly, making it small is one of the common mistakes people make.

Every smartphone QR code scanner is distinct due to diverse camera performances. For instance, old iPhones of the third generation lack the autofocus utility to focus the camera automatically on the code. Thus, printing your QR Code too small can make it unreadable for some smartphones.

To ensure that QR codes are legible or scannable, the size of these codes should be at least 3 cm2. While you can go for a smaller size, it is essential to be careful. Such codes should not have much data and should not contain distorting contents such as a logo or a discount voucher.

However, modern smartphones can scan such codes too with logos and vouchers. Still, it is wise to test the legibility of codes by scanning yourself before printing.

You can then download the code as an image and add it to a .doc or .jpg file and send it for printing.

QR Code Color

Color is the next focused area after size when it comes to how to print QR codes on paper. You need to ensure that the individual squares in the code need to be visible while scanning or printing. If they are dark in color, there is no issue at all.

Even if the code has another color mix other than black and white, an online scanner will be able to scan it. However, the design should be well made.


Printing QR codes on any printed material is an ideal way to use these codes. You only need to size and color it well for printing it right! Also, it’s important to use the best QR code printer to get it printed well on the printing materials.


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