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How Can QR Codes Be Used in the Classroom

How Can QR Codes Be Used in the Classroom

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Are you planning to use QR codes in a classroom for teaching students or entertaining them? Well, it is truly a tech-savvy and fun option! These codes are capable of holding text and links to multimedia and that they are safe in the classroom.

Your students will not be left off track and they access only what you want them to access via these codes. Although there are many reasons to use these codes in a classroom, the primary one is to share different stuff with students and make them independent. In other words, you only facilitate learning, and not spoon-feed all answers.

A key benefit in knowing and implementing how can QR codes be used in the classroom is that it keeps a student’s frustration at bay when it comes typing an URL in the browser. Frustration is evident even if a small one has to type a short URL.

However, with a QR Code, typing time is saved, no frustration comes up, and students enjoy getting to the right URL in the first go. What is only required is a mobile phone that can act as a scanner to read the code that gives access to the encoded details.

While there are many ways of how can QR codes be used in the classroom, the most motivating ones are those that serve educational purposes. Here are a few!

Generating a Treasure Search Trail

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With this usage, you can get the students moving in search of some truly interesting facts or answers. Just put some questions around the classroom.

Now, jot all probable answers to each question and associate each answer choice with a QR code that shall direct students to the next right destination. Only the right option will direct them to the new question. Otherwise, a hint should be given to proceed.

Helping in Research

Are your students writing a thesis or dissertation? How about helping them by giving them access to some quick reference links encoded in QR codes? You can easily share links to videos, blogs, white papers, books, and articles.

Sharing Work of Students

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You can use QR codes for sharing some interesting experiences of your students or what they have learned from an experiment or research work. You can make a group of students who can then make a video saying what they have learned, how they solved an issue, which process did they discover.

You can ask them to upload on sources such as YouTube and Google Drive. The code that you generate can encode a link to this place for sharing the video.

Helping Physically Challenged Readers

There are many students who have a reading problem. You can make their learning experience more interesting by making audios of study or learning material and upload the same to an online video platform such as YouTube.

The link of this video should then be included in the QR code and share the code to the struggling students.


There are many fun and educational ways to how can QR codes be used in the classroom. Choosing one or more of them depends on your purpose.

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