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How to Scan QR codes in WeChat

How to scan qr code in wechat
✅ Learn how to scan a QR Code for WeChat.
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How to scan qr code in wechat

WeChat is one of the largest multipurpose platforms in the world. Made and popularized in China, it has drawn attention all over the world. Today, people use it to chat, message and make payments.

Pretty much everything is taken to the next level in WeChat and QR codes are no exception. Everything is doable by scanning a QR code in WeChat. You can follow businesses that you like, connect with people, make donations or pay in a bar.

Whether you want to do it for your personal profile or business, learning how to generate a QR code for WeChat is not so complicated and does not require any coding knowledge. There are two ways to do it.

how to make a wechat qr code

How to Create a Simple QR Code for WeChat

If you only want a basic QR code to give to your friends, the easy way involves using WeChat. Load the application, go to your profile and you will find a link to see your QR profile. The picture is downloadable and can be used everywhere – you can share it on all social media networks.

Keep in mind that WeChat QR codes can only be scanned and used in WeChat. If you use a different code reader to scan a WeChat code, it will take you to a blank page.

Create a Custom QR Code

create a custom qr code wechat

First of all, you will need the URL of the account the code will lead to. Go to the link displaying all messages. Get to the three dots in the menu and the URL will be displayed on the right side. Copy it into the Pageloot free QR Code Generator tool and there you go – whoever scans it will reach your profile.

This gives you more options – you can personalize it according to the service you use. For example, you can have a fancy QR code with a logo behind it. You can just as well have one that has a visible call to action – scan me! The code may have different words associated with it.

The big bonus by using Dynamic Links is that you can change your QR code contents later without changing the actual code itself. You can also track the amount and location of your visitors for statistics.

How can I change my QR code in WeChat?

Unless you make some changes to your profile (obvious changes like your username), your QR code cannot be changed. However, you can use a QR code generator tool to make a new code on top of the old one.

To do this, you would first scan the contents of your QR code with the Pageloot free QR Code Scanner tool. Then paste back that into the QR Code Generator tool and use a dynamic link.

How can I scan a QR code in WeChat?

how to scan wechat qr code

There are multiple options and scanners. Normally you would just use the native scanner inside WeChat. But you can also use third party QR Code Scanners.

Pageloot offers a Secure Scan feature, to make sure that all your data is safe and that you don’t scan any malicious QR Codes. You can also use it to save the history of all your scanned QR codes.


WeChat gives you the opportunity to create and customize your own QR code, yet you can also do it yourself over various generators online. Those downloaded from WeChat will only work inside that social network.

Frequently asked questions

How do I scan QR codes in WeChat?

To scan QR codes in WeChat, open the app, tap the “+” button, and select “Scan QR Code.” Point your camera at the code to scan it.

Why do I need to scan QR codes in WeChat?

Scanning QR codes in WeChat is essential for various purposes, including adding contacts, making payments, and accessing exclusive content or offers.

How can I change my QR code in WeChat?

To change your QR code in WeChat, go to your profile, tap the QR code, and select “Edit QR Code.” Customize it, then save and share the updated code.

Can I scan QR codes for adding contacts in WeChat?

Yes, you can scan QR codes to add contacts in WeChat. This simplifies the process of connecting with friends, colleagues, or businesses.

How can I scan and pay using QR codes in WeChat Pay?

To scan and pay using QR codes in WeChat Pay, simply select the “Scan” option within the app. Aim your camera at the merchant’s QR code, and confirm the payment amount.

Are there special uses for scanning QR codes within WeChat Moments?

Within WeChat Moments, scanning QR codes can unlock hidden features, such as viewing articles, following official accounts, or joining groups related to specific posts.

What are the privacy considerations when scanning QR codes in WeChat?

When scanning QR codes in WeChat, be cautious about sharing personal information. Ensure the source is trustworthy to safeguard your privacy.

What should I do if I encounter issues while scanning QR codes in WeChat?

If you encounter issues while scanning QR codes in WeChat, check your camera settings, lighting conditions, and the quality of the QR code. Restarting the app can also help troubleshoot problems.

Is it possible to scan QR codes for joining WeChat groups or official accounts?

Yes, you can scan QR codes to join WeChat groups or follow official accounts. Simply scan the group or account’s QR code to gain access.

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