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How to Scan QR Codes on WhatsApp?

How Do You Scan a QR Code on WhatsApp
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Have you tried logging into Whatsapp Web client from the web browser window?

It’s possible you have been stuck, as you didn’t know to look a the WhatsApp QR code that is flashing for logging in. Let’s take a look at how to properly use the Web version of Whatsapp.

Even if you aren’t a tech wiz, we will break it down into really simple steps. It will just take you a couple of seconds to know how to do web WhatsApp QR code scan. So, let’s go through this simple process.

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How I Scan WhatsApp QR Code on Android?

Whatsapp QR Code for Android

Let’s start by going to the URL on our laptop or PC. If you haven’t loggeed in yet, then a QR Code should present itself in the middle of the screen. Next – let’s open the Whatsapp app on our smartphone. Once open, click on the icon in the top right corner with the three dots.

Now, click WhatsApp Web in the menu. This displays the WhatsApp QR code scanner page. If you are trying to link the web version with the app for the first time, you may see that a slideshow appears. This describes how the Whatsapp QR Codes normally work.

So, just click OK and scan QR or barcode just by framing it using your phone’s camera. Make sure you are keeping your phone at least 1 ft away from the computer screen. One more thing to ensure is that the code must be within the box and its rims should match the markers in white.

Once you are ready, let’s scan the QR Code. Once the scan is successfully done, we should see a Whatsapp page appearing that displays our conversations.

How I Scan WhatsApp QR Code on iOS?

How to Whatsapp iOS QR Codes

If you have an iPhone or iPad, there is a bit of difference in the aforementioned procedure. The initial steps of opening the WhatsApp Web and WhatsApp app remain the same. Once both are opened, you tap Settings in the bottom-right corner of your Apple device, which is a gear-like icon. This displays the Settings pane.

Now, select WhatsApp Web/Desktop at the top and then tap OK in a prompt. Now, the WhatsApp QR scanner is opened after which you just need to point your phone’s camera to the WhatsApp scan code. The distance rules for Android apply here too. Finally, wait for the scanner to scan the code. That’s it!

How to Scan WhatsApp QR Codes on iOS or Android?

Have you got a QR code while chatting on WhatsApp and want to know what to do about it?

All you really need is a free app to use as a QR Code reader in Whatsapp. For example, QR Code Reader by Scan for iOS or QR Droid for Android. Both are really easy to use.


Whatsapp displays these QR Codes for logging into use its web app service. This is a typical advanced barcode format. Scanning those codes is actually so simple, that you may wonder why you even stumbled on this article in the first place.

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