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QR Codes on Food Packaging Could Drive Customer Relationship to Another Level

QR Codes on Food Packaging
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QR Codes on Food Packaging

What’s the first thing you see once you are in a departmental store for buying food products? Well, certainly, it is the series of several brands whose food products are organized across a stack of three to four shelves. A shelf of simple instant noodles or soup cans will be filled with packages of more than five brands.

This means that each brand has to ensure that their product is distinct even if the packaging is appealing, price is affordable, or quality is beyond satisfactory. For standing out amidst high competition, a brand needs only one precious thing called customer loyalty in the long run.

Such precious loyalty comes from consistent customer engagement by keeping them updated or entertaining them. So, is this possible? Well, the answer is YES. An easy, efficient, and cost-efficient way exists for the same, which is implementing QR code-based campaigns on food packaging. In this post, we will go through how to use them effectively.

Overview of QR Codes on Food Packages

Well, this concept is not something new but it is also not a traditional one. Brands such as Nestle have already started using QR codes on their food products’ packaging to maximize customer engagement either instantly at the time of buying or at any time later.

In 2016, QR codes were printed on KitKat wrappers. When scanned, the buyers or users were directed to an interesting YouTube video. The buyers could even scan later at any time to stay connected or entertained.

Well, this is just one practical use of QR codes on food packaging. You can use them in other ways for ensuring consistent engagement.

Effective Ideas for Using QR Codes on Food Packages

There are multiple effective ways of using QR codes on food packaging for engaging customers, which are to provide:  

  • Additional food facts such as nutrients and ingredient-related information, such as whether it is nut-free or gluten-free, low in sugar, and high in fiber.
  • A video to sharing an interesting story behind the product or some recommendations of popular chefs for using that product in a healthy way.
  • An infographic, video, or simply an image sharing some healthy recipes that people of any age or any patient can have and enjoy. This is an ideal way to delight your customers. You seriously do not want them to stop using your product wrongly.
  • A link to a webpage that reveals the entire product range. This is ideal if your existing customers like your products and are loyal to the same. To increase their engagement, try and make them discover other delicacies in your collection that they are not aware of.
  • A link to a webpage, graphic, or video that reveals the possible healthy pairings with other foods.
  • A link to a webpage, graphic, or video that compares the product with those of the competitors’ and show how healthy it can be to have it.
  • A link to a webpage showing some fun facts of the product.
  • A link to some discount coupons or promo codes for next time shopping.
  • A link to a social media page for sharing, liking, and tweeting about the product.
  • A link to an online form for collecting feedback from the customers about the food product.

Non-effective Ideas of Using QR Codes on Food Packages

It is good to know the effective QR code ideas on food packaging. However, it is better to know those that simply do not work to maximize customer engagement, which are as follows:

  • Giving general details of your business or any other out-of-scope information, especially if it is not related to the product that they are buying
  • Sharing any web link that is not optimized for smartphones, which simply results in interest withdrawal

Tips to Have Appealing Food Packaging QR Codes

While making and link a QR code, just focus on the fact that the customers should be pleased after scanning the code. Keeping that in mind, here are some more tips to follow:

  • Do not give repeated information, such as ingredients on the package and in the QR code
  • Do not waste your customers’ time by giving some too entertaining, such as playing a game upon scanning a code on food meant for adults
  • Consider giving less information on the package and more through the QR code for making the package more appealing and tidier.


The perfect use of QR code is the one that gains the attention of maximum customers. There is no point in linking to a company’s website, as it will not result in interaction or engagement

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