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How to Create a QR Code for Payments – Make it easy to accept payments

How to create a payment QR Code
✅ Learn how to create a QR Code for payments. ✅ Discover why companies are using QR Codes to accept payments for their products and services!

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Have you noticed QR Codes for payments lately? Around 10 years ago, nobody thought that QR Codes would ever be popular, let alone for payments. Lately, many companies like Alipay and WeChat have started the revolution to make it easy for people to pay with their smartphones. Now, you may be wondering how you could start accepting QR Code payments for your business – The answer is to create a payment QR Code, using a suitable QR Code Generator tool.

Lately, QR Codes have become the most popular choice for payments in many countries, including China. Did you know that over 80% of all payments in China were through QR Codes? Nowadays we can see a lot of shops and businesses accepting QR Code payments.

Why do I need to use payments for QR Codes?

Make a QR Code for payment
You can make a QR Code to start accepting payments in just a few minutes
  • You don’t need a credit card terminal
  • No app downloads needed
  • Easy Stripe and PayPal support

Therefore, QR Codes have exploded – specifically payment QR Codes. When the first payment QR Code came out for Bitcoin, it really wasn’t a big deal. But now that we have PayPal and Stripe support, a lot of people are looking to create a QR Code for their own business or service.

PRO Tip: If you are looking to start accepting cashless transactions, then you should seriously try to make a payment QR Code.

How to create a payment QR Code?

what is a payment qr code
QR Codes make it easy to pay quickly

#1 Make a QR Code

QR Code Generators make it easy to create a QR Code nowadays, even for payments. There are many different services that let you do it for free.

  1. Open the QR Code Generator tool
  2. Copy your checkout page link
  3. Paste it into the QR Code Generator
  4. Print out your payment QR Code

#2 Scan

Most phones nowadays have a QR Code Scanner tool built into the native camera app. This means you can instantly scan your payment QR Code. That will direct you to the payment page. Alternatively, customers can use our QR Code Scanner tool to scan payment QR Codes.

#3 Get Paid

After that, all that is left is for your company to get paid. Payment QR Codes make it easy to manage transactions. The rest will be taken care of by your payment provider, for example, PayPal or Stripe.

How can I accept payments with QR Codes?

PayPal QR Code Payment
PayPal is offering free QR Codes to accept payments

You don’t need technical skills to set up payments with QR Codes. Actually, anyone can do it in about 5 minutes. The mobile technology market is expected to grow 20x during the next 5 years. This gives companies a great opportunity to take advantage of new trends to get more customers and sales.

If you are looking to make a QR Code and start accepting payments, we recommend looking at these top 3 contenders:

  1. Pageloot QR Code Generator
  2. PayPal
  3. Square

How to use QR Codes for Payment?

Usually there are two different options when it comes to payments.

Seller side

Customers scan this code with their smartphone. This helps them to send a payment to the seller. Firstly, This option is great because of the low cost to get started. Secondly, Everyone can start accepting digital payments thanks to QR Codes.

Customer side

These are usually QR codes generated by apps. Customers can pick up goods in a physical location or store with this. People can already pay in advance online and then come to your store only for the pickup. In addition, this is also COVID-19 friendly and helps maintain social distancing.

Other customer side use cases include loyalty points, check-ins, and much more.

How does a QR Code payment work?

How to scan a QR Code payment
Scanning QR Code payments is quick and safe with a QR Code Scanner tool

In conclusion, you can easily scan QR Codes from all kinds of surfaces. They can be on digital screens and also on physical surfaces like papers, windows, and banners.

This is how a usual QR Code payment process looks like:

  1. The user scans the code.
  2. The code directs users to the checkout page.
  3. The user enters the payment details.
  4. The transaction is now done!

The code can also direct users into an app if they have one installed. The great thing about it is that users don’t need to have your app installed. They don’t even need to have a specific QR Code scanner app, since nowadays almost all smartphones can instantly scan codes with their native camera app.

If you need to create QR Codes online, you can Make a QR Code right here for free!
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Create a payment QR Code

100% Free. No credit card required.

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