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How to Link Videos to a QR Code


The QR code is a matrix bar code that originated in Japan. Developers made it for the automotive industry. A barcode is an optical machine name attached to a particular item that has information about that item. The QR code has data for an identifier, locator, and tracker that focuses on a website or application. It uses four institutionalized coding modes to store information. It can also use extensions.

The rapid response framework has now become well known outside the automotive industry. Other industries adopted it due to its quick lucidity. It also has a higher storage limit compared to standard UPC barcodes. The applications incorporate the tracking of elements, the test of recognizable things, the monitoring of time, the management of records, and advertising.

A QR code has dark squares placed in a lattice square over a white base. It extracts information from samples in the vertical and the image level segments.

How Do You Link a Video to a QR Code?

Many people use QR codes. This article will show you how to connect QR code to open a video when you scan it from a phone. Follow the simple steps below to learn how to link a video to a QR code:

Transfer Your Video to YouTube

For your content to play when you scan the QR code, it must be in video format. YouTube offers a free video facilitator that opens records.

When you upload your video, you may need to get its sharing interface. Open the video you want to play and click “Share.” A URL shows up. Copy this URL and reserve it for the next stage.

Generate a QR Code for Your Video

For the next stage, you must use a QR code generator. Pageloot has an excellent generator that you can click here to access.

Test Your Video QR Code

Before continuing, it’s time to take out your phone then scan the code to see how it works. Make sure that the correct video opens when you scan the code.

If the code does not open the video, check the URL and make any necessary adjustments.

Downloading the QR Code

Once you have tried your QR code works, you can download it. Hit the download capture button and open the box.

You will most likely want to change the tones, sizes, and error elimination codes. The sky is the limit from there. We propose that you keep all the default options and increase the capacity up to 1000px.

Finally, you must download the finished QR code. If you’re using it for printing, EPS or SVG give you a vectorized form. Your printers can apply this format to any material. If you’re applying the QR code on the web, download a JPEG or PNG version.

QR code technology is great news for people who work with and share videos often. They make the process faster and easier. Click here now for access to Pageloot’s superior QR code generator.

If you need to create QR Codes online, be sure to check out this Free QR Code Generator.

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Siim T

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