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How Do You Create Custom QR Codes?

How Do You Create Custom QR Codes?

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Wish to know how to make unique QR codes or how to customize QR code design? Well, this is the right post you have come to! It is rational to customize the generated QR code, especially if it is for a marketing purpose.

Tailoring the code’s design as per your goals is effective in triggering interest as well as adding value to your digital marketing campaign. Regardless of the branding goal, several customization possibilities exist to increase the probability of fulfilling your goal-aligned expectations.

When it comes to how to design your custom QR code, there are many QR code aspects that you can change. Most QR code generators allow changing these aspects for customizing the look and feel of the code. Let’s take a look at these aspects!


Your QR code needs not be in that typical black and white pattern. Thus, people do search for how to make color QR codes. The good news is that adding color is the simplest way to make your codes attractive.

You can color the whole pattern in the code or only a few elements such as the positioning markers representing the printing orientation of the code. It is also possible to add a brand theme.

Background and Foreground Colors

Keeping a contrasting background and foreground color is an ideal way to grab the attention of your customers towards the QR code. Moreover, most scanners or scanning apps cannot fully read the faded or one-color codes.

An inverted code has a darker background than its foreground. The dark color here is usually dark grey or black. Not all apps will be able to scan inverted codes. This is also true for codes with a translucent background. Thus, do focus on the color combination if you wish to print on a dark poster. As a tip, use a dark foreground with a light background.


Inserting a logo or an image in the middle of a QR code is another effective way of grabbing your customer’s attention. You can simply put a short message such as “Read ME!” or simply your brand logo.

When it comes to how to make a custom QR code with logo, ensure that you go with illustrations, as a more comprehensive picture can result in a blurry look. Further, the image must be clear and in the middle of the code so that it does not overlap any other structural parts required for proper scanning.

You can even trigger interest in your customers by telling them what they will get once they scan. To do so, simply place a call to action in the middle as a picture or around it in case a logo is already there.


While you cannot do much with the square outline of a QR code, it is possible to reshape its eyes or edges. While there are many shapes to choose, subtleness is the key. The edges should not fully change the code’s shape, as it will otherwise make the code unrecognizable.


Customizing a QR code includes changing the color, having a contrasting background and foreground color, adding a logo or image in the middle, and adding a call to action.


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