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How to Use QR Codes for School and Education

Create a QR Code for School and learning educational institutes
✅ Learn how to create a QR Code for schools.
✅ Discover why educational institutes are using QR Codes to promote safety and learning!

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Using QR Codes at your school or educational institution can have huge benefits. Firstly, they engage a lot more students. Take a look at the use cases below to see how teachers make QR Codes to interact with students and help them learn more and faster.

If you Make QR Codes, you can can help change the learning and teaching experience into a fun and interactive environment. Everyone has a smartphone nowadays, even really young kids. QR Codes for school give your students quick access to any materials that they need.

Schools and educational institutes are have also started using QR Codes more and more because they are coronavirus friendly and promoting social distancing.

PRO Tip: Did you know that using QR Codes in Finland had a 100% success rate on young students?

It is now really easy to share all kinds of materials and information needed for learning. The best part about it is that QR Codes make this a fun experience for the students. This means that they will have an easier time learning and remembering new material.

Lets look at the different ways teachers all over the world are using QR Code Generators to create these helpful little learning aids for students.

Helping students learn faster

How to Use QR Code for educational institutes
Ricardo from Mexcio is showing the students how they can download their school project materials by scanning a QR Code.

Try using a PDF QR Code to help students download the materials they need to get started learning a topic. When students scan your QR Code, they now have a digital copy of your teaching materias. This means that they are more likely to study it in their free time and they can easily share the materials between one another.

A great benefit to using digital materials for teaching and learning is that you can search and find keywords in topics really quickly, which is a difficult manual task with physical books.

If anything happens to change on your PDF or you need to make updates, you can always update your materials and files without needing to make a new QR Code.

PRO Tip: QR Codes are not only for kids. Did you know that QR Codes also work great for university students and promoting higher education?

Promote your events to students and teachers

Creating a QR Code for events makes it super fun and easy to share all upcoming events with students and fellow colleagues. People can get all the details of an event with a single QR Code scan. They are able to save that even into their calendars and be reminded about it at the right time.

This means that more people will show up to your educational events. By bringing events into the digital world, you can expect greater engagement and success.

Here are some ideas for school and education related events that work well with QR Codes:

  • Field trips
  • Parental meetings
  • Study groups
  • School board meetings
  • Classroom meetings

Promote learning with video

Make a Video QR Code for Learning with Generation Z
Sarah is from Generation Z. She loves learning everything from YouTube.

A great way for students to learn nowadays it through video. Did you know that nearly 60% of Generation Z prefers YouTube videos for learning over printed books?

So why not record your classes and upload them on YouTube. They can be listed as private videos if you don’t wish for everyone to see them. Consider making a YouTube QR Code to make it easier for the new generation of students to learn your teachings and materials in a way that feels natural for them.

Share your learning materials as audio

Maybe you are camera shy or not a big fan of video. Well, audio works just as well. Many students aren’t wired to learn from books. They can remember a lot more information via audio or video.

Similarly as for video, you can record your classes and make mp3 QR Codes to share them with students and other teachers.

Share your contact information with a vCard

Meet Michelle from Maryland. She is a 4th grade teacher shows us how she is using QR Codes in schools to make learning fun!

Make it easy for other teachers and students to reach you. Forget about writing your details on the blackboard or handing out physical business cards. We live in the digital era, so let’s act accordingly.

Try the vCard QR Code to share your contact details with others. Everyone will have your contact available right in their smartphones.

Track students attendance digitally with QR Codes

Attendance tracking QR Codes make it easy to automatically track your students and groups. No more manual name calling or filling in paper sheets. This works really well in the post pandemic COVID-19 era, where people prefer social distancing. QR Codes help students avoid unnecessary contact and do things from a safe distance.

PRO Tip: Didn’t find your use case yet? You can find more ideas about how to use QR Codes in the Classroom here.


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