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How to Use QR Codes: The Simple QR Code 101


Everyone is familiar with QR codes – they are everywhere, from packaging to large billboards. The two dimensional code looks like a bar code, only it has a different design and it stores much more information. With all these, you might want to know more before deciding whether these codes can push your QR marketing campaign further.

How QR Codes Work

QR codes can be scanned with smartphones and tablets – some of them have built in scanners, while others work with particular scanning applications. Once scanned, the user gets a notification with the data inside the code. They can tap it and the action is performed. It could link to a website, display a text message, send an email message, like a page on social media, add a new contact and so on.

The process is straightforward and does not require any technical experience. The user must open an application (it could be the default camera or a scanning application), take a picture and reveal the information in the code.

How to Get a QR Code

You can find plenty of QR code generators over the Internet. Most of them are basic, which means there is not too much customization involved. You get the classic white background with a black foreground. This is the perfect contrast actually. The best part? Most of these generators are free, so anyone can get a quick QR code within seconds only.

However, if you want a customized code or a more sophisticated one, you might need to pay for it. Some generators allow you to add your logo as well – it is essential to keep it under a 30% error margin though. Some others will also allow various designs or even different colors. It is up to you to determine what kind of code you require for your marketing campaign. You can check out Pageloot’s QR generator, which offers all the premium offers for FREE.

Why Get a QR Code

A QR code is a transition from the offline world to the online environment. You can get a QR code to provide your contacts. Add it to your business card and scanning it will add your contacts to the scanner’s address book.

You can also link it to your website and increase your traffic – add it anywhere, from catalogs to actual products.

Interested in engaging with your customers? If used correctly, QR codes can easily lead to brand loyalty. Make sure your QR code leads to an incentive – a discount, a coupon code, a special offer or a promotion. You can also add it to your social media profiles for even more exposure.

With all these, most people rely on such codes to get more information. These are the QR code basics – people see a code and they scan it to find out more about what is behind it. Adding to much information on a magazine ad can distract people from the actual ad – they will focus on the text instead. Therefore, let the ad do its job and implement a visible QR code for those who are interested.

What to Keep in Mind when Using QR Codes

Everyone expects something from scanning your QR code. Many companies provide incentives, so you will have to join the trend as well. Provide value. It could be a coupon, a meal, a discount and so on. It builds customer engagement.

Make sure the QR code provides the desired effect. QR code readers can take up to 30% error, yet it is still important to try it out. Do it on various devices, platforms and applications to ensure there are no problems with it.

QR codes are scanned with smartphones and tablets. In other words, if you link to a website, it must be mobile optimized. Make sure you understand the difference between mobile friendly and mobile optimized. You need a full experience for your potential customers.

Unless you actually spend money on dynamic QR codes, chances are your free QR code is static. In other words, it will always be scannable. You cannot change anything about it. If you change your website link or your phone number in the vCard, the code will fail to provide the required information. Plus, mistakes can cost you money if your bulk print your code too.

However, Pageloot offers all these premium features and more for FREE. Check out our Free Online QR Code Generator tools.


As a short final conclusion, the QR code basics do not ask for too much education or technical knowledge. Anyone can get a QR code. It is nothing but a tool. What makes it efficient is the way you use it, so plan your marketing campaign right.

If you need to create QR Codes online, be sure to check out this Free QR Code Generator.

Siim T

Siim T

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