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Using QR Codes for Customer Feedback

Main image showcasing a customer scanning a QR Code on a restaurant table for leaving feedback
✅ Learn how to employ QR Codes for collecting actionable customer feedback.
✅ Discover why it’s easy to get more feedback with QR codes.

Table Of Contents

Main image showcasing a customer scanning a QR Code on a restaurant table for leaving feedback

In today’s digital world, customer feedback is crucial for any business. While there are various methods to collect this valuable data, QR codes for customer feedback have emerged as a convenient and efficient solution. This article will delve into why and how to utilize QR codes to gather feedback.

Why Use QR Codes for Customer Feedback

QR Code being scanned to display a feedback form in multiple languages

Multi-lingual Support

QR codes can link to web pages that offer multiple languages, making it easier to collect feedback from diverse customer bases.

Close-up of a smartphone screen displaying a QR Code linked feedback form with targeted questions

Targeted Questions

By placing QR codes in specific locations or on certain products, you can ask more targeted questions for better insights.

Person scanning a QR Code for feedback, symbolizing higher response rates

Higher Response Rates

Due to the ease and convenience of QR code scanning, you may see higher response rates compared to traditional methods.

Analytics dashboard displaying tracking data for a customer feedback QR Code


You can track when, where, and how often a QR code is scanned, offering insights into customer engagement.

Traditional vs QR Code-based Feedback

CriteriaTraditional MethodsQR Code Method
Time to Complete❌ Longer✅ Instant
Cost❌ Can be High✅ Generally Low
Accessibility❌ Varies✅ High (mobile-friendly)
Real-Time Analysis❌ No✅ Yes
Environmental Impact❌ Can be High (paper)✅ Low

How to Create a Feedback QR Code

Step 1 - Opening a QR Code Generator for Feedback

Step 1: Open a QR Code Generator

For effective results, select a Google Form QR code generator that offers customization and tracking features.

Step 2- Designing a Feedback Form in QR Code Generator

Step 2: Design Your Feedback Form

Create a feedback form with Google Forms or Typeform that asks relevant questions to gather actionable insights.

Step 3 - Generating and Testing a Feedback QR Code

Step 3: Generate and Test the QR Code

Once the form is ready, generate your QR code and test it to make sure it directs to the intended feedback form.

Where to Place Feedback QR Codes

ReceiptsAfter sales, capture immediate feedbackGrocery store
TablesAllows customers to review the dining experienceRestaurants
ProductsDirect link to online review platformsElectronic Goods
Event VenuesCapture audience experienceConcert Halls
Service CountersFor immediate feedbackBanks, Hospitals
A feedback QR code that is on a receipt

On Receipts

If your business provides e-receipts, adding a feedback QR code right next to the transaction details can be effective.

A feedback QR code that is on a store window

Store windows & fronts

Place QR codes around your store where they are easily visible.

A feedback QR code on a pizza box as product placement

Product Packaging

Include the QR code directly on the product packaging for easy scanning.

Customer survey with a feedback QR code

Customer Surveys

Incorporate feedback QR codes into any ongoing customer surveys, either digital or paper-based.

QR codes for customer feedback offer a versatile, real-time, and cost-effective solution for businesses looking to improve customer experience and service quality. By integrating QR codes into your feedback process, you’re making a wise investment in your business’s future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions about Feedback QR Codes
How do I create a feedback QR code?

Creating a feedback QR code is straightforward. You can use an online QR code generator that offers customization and tracking features. Once you’ve designed your feedback form, the generator will create a QR code that you can place on various materials.

Is using QR codes for feedback effective?

Yes, QR codes are an effective tool for gathering customer feedback. They make the process quicker and easier for customers, encouraging more participation.

Can I customize the design of a feedback QR code?

Absolutely, many QR code generators allow you to customize the appearance of your QR codes. You can add colors, logos, and other elements to make them align with your brand.

Is it expensive to implement QR codes for feedback?

No, QR codes are generally a cost-effective solution. There are free options available, although premium services offer more customization and tracking features.

Can I update the feedback form without changing the QR code?

Yes, if you’re using dynamic QR codes, you can update the content to which the QR code redirects without having to generate a new code.

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