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QR Codes for Software and Game Development Could Increase Customer Support Efforts

QR Codes for Software and Gaming
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The gaming industry is undoubtedly one of the most popular as well as lucrative industries in the world. The main reason why it earns millions of dollars each year is the inherent interest of humans in playing games online or on mobile.

Certainly, thousands of new gaming apps are released each year, competing closely with each other and also with the already popular games. To get a competitive edge, it is essential for a new game to have something more engaging or unique than other games.

Something new and different to keep probable players engaged not only during the trial but also after that is actually the need of the hour. So, how do you fulfill it? The game developers can fulfill it by introducing QR codes in their gaming apps targeting mobile devices.

QR Codes in Real Games

Several game developers have already started working in this direction by using QR codes for sharing bonus points, unlock freebies, arms, and secrets required to win in a particular play scene. You can use Pageloot, a free QR code generator software tool to ensure big success of your business.

Players just need to scan these QR codes using their smartphones. The developers leverage these codes to enhance the ‘hunt-collect-win’ buzz in games. Depending on how codes are utilized in games, they can be either in-game and out-game (print).

  • In-game: The in-game codes are those that are virtually present in console or PC games. A famous FPS game called Homefront comes with 10 in-game codes dispersed across the play. Upon scanning, they display exclusive content related to the story. Similarly, another popular game named Watch Dogs has more than 15 QR codes, each in different locations. Scanning them allows gathering the required items to proceed in the game.
  • Out-game: The out-game codes are physical, meaning they are visible in the real world, not the virtual world. They are printed and contribute to a better gaming experience. At present, these codes are used in scavenger hunts for revealing clues. For example, Munzee as a scavenger hunt game has millions of QR codes across its world, according to its official site. Players only need to scan them to obtain points. Even Nintendo 3DS games such as Animal Crossing have QR codes, which allow adding digital avatars upon scanning. The 2016’s Nintendo’s Mini-NES has almost 30 games including Super Mario Bros, Pac Man, and Double Dragon 2. Each game displays a QR code. Upon scanning, the codeshares a copy of the original training book for that game.

Ideas for Using QR Codes in New Games

The above examples are real-life ones. Although game developers may follow them, it is ideal to come up with something truly unique and more interesting for making the new game more engaging. Focusing on this need, following are some ideas for game developers to implement while adding QR codes to their present or new games using the most innovative QR code generator software:

  • Directing players to the app store from where they can download the targeted game app, which will ensure a smooth transition from desktop to mobile gaming. Such a code is known as the app QR code, which is typically an out-game QR code (printed on marketing materials). You can create a custom QR code to add a link to show a promo trailer of the game app.
  • Adding a scanner QR code on screen or banners to lead to a page of videos, which introduce the new game, share about it in more detail, and allow purchasing the game.
  • Including a QR code in game for providing hints in tough situations or giving an extra life to play as a bonus.
  • Adding a QR code in the games section of magazines to take the readers to the official website where the can know more about the new game and become quick players. Consider having a dynamic QR code here so that the readers can stay up-to-date about the new app at any time and anywhere. It will also allow QR code tracking the number of scans and consequently traffic on the targeted page.
  • Inviting the interested public in the game’s launch event by including QR codes on printed marketing materials such as posters and LED displays.
  • Adding an out-game QR code on the game’s package or in-game QR code at the end of each level in the game to allow players to share feedback.


Following some of the most unique and engaging ideas for using QR codes is indispensable for increasing the game’s popularity through better user experience. Ensure not to copy any idea but come up with a unique one for effortless popularity.

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