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Make QR Codes for Churches – How Can You and Your Congregation Benefit From it?

create a QR code for church and congregation
✅ Learn why churches and congregations are using QR Codes. ✅ Discover how church communities are spreading the faith with QR Codes.

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Many religious centers around the world are looking for new ways to reach their congregation’s attention. After all, the age of the pandemic put certain restrictions on the everyday functions of churches, mosques, temples, and synagogues alike. Adopting new technologies, like QR Codes, has helped many religious centers. They can continue spreading their beliefs at ease, more conveniently, and safely. Why make QR Codes for Churches and how can we all benefit from it? Here’s how.

What are the benefits of making QR Codes for churches?

1. Invite church members to virtual prayers and sermons

When your church members can’t attend the Sunday service on spot, just use a free QR code maker to create access to the live event online. Add a link of the sermon to the QR Code and that’s it.

This amazingly simple concept gives quick and convenient access to online prayers without the need to type in long and clunky URLs. You can place this QR Code on your webpage, posters, leaflets. The best part is that you can change the link on the dynamic QR Code whenever you need but the QR Code stays the same.

Pro tip! You can also record your video sermon and place a QR Code with it in front of your church. This way non-members can see them and be drawn in as new members.

2. Collect donations with ease

There are at least 250 mosques in Malaysia that are planning to use or are already using QR Codes for cashless donations. Visitors can scan the QR Code and donate to the mosques’ bank accounts. It’s quick and convenient for visitors and religious centers alike. Make donating seamless by embedding QR Codes to churches’ entry points, websites, information boards, and pamphlets.

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scan a QR code for church to donate
See how this church is using QR codes to gather donations

3. Limit the spread of COVID-19 with contact tracing

As stated by the Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission in the U.S: „Churches should fulfill their responsibility in halting the expansion of COVID-19 by following public health guidelines for church meetings.“ To help with the good cause and to limit the spread of coronavirus many churches have adopted QR Codes for contact tracing. And so can you!

The staff and the visitors both can fill out a contact tracing form after scanning a unique QR Code. They can declare their health status, existing health conditions, and travel history. Make a QR Code and place posters with it in areas that are easily accessible to all the visitors. This includes entrances, common areas, and your web page.

Forget pens and papers to curb the spread of the virus. Make it quick and trouble-free for everyone with QR Codes.

QR code generator for churches
You can use a QR Code Generator tool to help promote social distancing in churches

4. Provide religious texts and prayers

Having to carry the holy book whenever attending the church may be inconvenient. As well as finding the right verse to recite from hundreds of pages. You can help the sermon attendees by linking a dynamic QR Code to religious texts and applicable verses. This way it’s easy to follow the sermon and the priest. Place the QR Codes on walls, benches, praying areas so it’s easy to scan the QR code.

5. Share religious and historical information about your church

QR Codes are amazingly useful when it comes to providing interesting information. With the best free QR Code generator, you can create a QR Code that redirects users to a website where they can learn more about your church. Add some fascinating historical facts and useful stories. This way you keep visitors more engaged and spark their interest.

Print the QR Codes on posters, banners, and signboards. Position them close to popular sightseeing areas and religious tourism spots. Whenever you need to make changes in the provided information, you don’t need to reprint the whole text. Just refresh the information on the URL and it’s automatically updated on the QR Code as well.

Not convinced just yet? Read the success story of introducing the QR Codes for religious tourism in India.

make a QR code for church info
QR Codes can be used to promote learning more info about churches and congregations

6. Celebrate virtual religious festivals

Organizing religious festivals has become somewhat challenging since large gatherings may have restrictions. Different religious centers are using Facebook Live, Google Meet, or Zoom for hosting celebrations. Redirect the QR Code to the platform where the celebration takes place. Devotees can easily add it to their calendars on Google Meet, so they wouldn’t forget the heavenly virtual festival.

Need a little help on how to make a QR Code? Check out our Sacred Book of making a QR Code

7. Register for prayer hours

While many religious places were shut down during the pandemic, the guidance-hungry crowds were left empty-handed. They couldn’t go and pray in their chosen religious center. However, now churches, mosques, and temples are ready to receive people again.

To avoid many devotees coming to pray at the same time, you can invite them to pray at certain time slots. Create a QR Code where church members can register themselves to their preferred praying hour. This way the devotees are safer and there are smaller chances to spread the virus.

Are you ready to use QR Codes for churches?

A QR Code maker is great for religious centers. It’s safe, quick, and hassle-free. QR Codes come exceptionally handy in religious tourism, COVID-19 contact tracing, virtual celebrations, collecting donations, etc.

This is your chance to go on with your mission and make the house of worship easily accessible and safe with QR Codes. Give it a go!

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