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How to Create QR Codes for Charity & Fundraisers

Create a QR Code for Charity Donations
✅ Learn how to make a QR Code for charity.
✅ Discover how charity organizations are using QR Codes to get more donations!

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Using QR Codes for your charity or fundraiser can help you receive more donations. It helps you get the most out of your budget, which can oftentimes be limited. See the use case examples below to get inspired and start creating Charity QR Codes for your next fundraiser.

Christmas season is sure to boost donations for charities and fundraisers. Especially when people are isolated at home because of the pandemic and aren’t buying any gifts for relatives and close ones.

PRO tip: Did you know that over 80% of all donations come from individuals rather than big corportaions?

How can charities use QR Codes?

use a qr code for donation campaign charity
QR Codes can be used for donations and charity campaigns

Making QR Codes for your next marketing plan will help you get more attention and have a positive result for your organization. You can do this easily with the help of a QR Code Generator tool.

#1 Promote your donation page

Make a website QR Code for each leaflet or brochure that you print for advertising your events. This should give easy access to your website or donation page to everyone interested in contributing.

Later on, check out the analytics and statistics on your fundraiser donation QR Code, to see how well things are going. This will show you who scanned your codes and when.

Here are some QR Code types that you can use for charities & fundraisers:

#2 Show people more information

how to make a fundraiser qr code
Promote your next fundraiser with QR Codes for more donations and sharing!

Ads often have a limited amount of space available. This is why you can use a PDF QR Code to give out more information and keep your banners and flyers clean looking at the same time. Less truly is more in this case.

When you need to change the contents, you don’t need to worry about printing new ads or QR Codes – that’s the beauty of using Dynamic QR Codes.

How can fundraisers use QR Codes?

See how students are using QR Codes to promote charity and knowledge.

#3 Welcome visitors with videos

Every member who makes a donation should receive a warm thank you message and greeting. Consider creating video QR Codes as a welcome or thank you message for everyone potentially interested in making a donation to your charity or fundraiser.

This will give your members a deeper connection feeling to your cause and organisation. When uploading your videos on Youtube, you can easily create a video playlist, to keep them watching even more of your nonprofit organization’s content.

#4 Get feedback for your events

By using a feedback QR Code you can always get reliable data on how people feel about your events or organization. Everyone can easily leave feedback with a single scan. No more paper surveys needed. This promotes safe distancing and is Covid-19 friendly.

#5 Use digital business cards instead of paper

No more physical paper business cards needed. Use a vCard QR Code instead. You can place it on your business cards or on your table for example. The reality is that nobody collects paper cards nowadays anymore. With a quick scan, all your contact info will be stored in smartphones instead.


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Table Of Contents

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