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How to Make QR Codes for iOS Apps

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QR codes gained popularity in Japan and they spread all over the world.

Businesses and business people share QR codes everywhere – on their cars, business cards, billboards, posters, flyers, social media profiles and so on. For this reason, Apple has implemented an automatic QR code scanner into its camera.

It allows you to add contacts, visit websites, join Wi-Fi networks and even download applications – scan the code and tap to confirm.

How can your business benefit from creating QR codes for iPhone iOS app downloads?

The Benefits of QR Codes for iPhone iOS Apps

Convenience is the main reason why people use QR code for iOS. Even when it comes to the basic ones linking to websites, lots of people would rather scan a code than type in the whole address. Even if it is added to their bookmarks, it is still much faster to scan the code.

The same rule applies to applications. Even if your users want or need to download the application, they will never have the time for it. They will keep delaying the installation again and again until they finally decide to give up. Just put yourself into their shoes – it happens to everyone.

On another note, imagine your clients searching for it on the App Store. Unless your business name is a unique word invented by yourself, your app will not be the only result. In fact, it may not even be the first one, which can cause confusion. In the worst possible scenario, some of your clients will download the competitors’ application.

How to Create QR Code Apps for iPhone iOS?

There are more reasons why QR codes are so popular everywhere and one of them relates to how easy they are to create and implement and also, how easy they are for people to scan code using iOS QR code reader.

They carry links, which means they can link to app downloads as well. Creating QR code links for downloading iPhone iOS apps is a free process that involves no experience at all.

You need a free QR Code Generator. Don’t get tricked into the “premium” generators, when you can get all the same features for free. You can create custom QR code it by adding the link, design and even colors. Save it on your device and use it anywhere you want.

You can put your app download link into the QR Code Generator (where you normally would put the website address) and it will work just like that.

Where to Use QR Codes for iPhone iOS Apps?

Just like most other alternatives, QR codes for iPhone iOS apps can be used pretty much anywhere. Got a website? Drop the code there. Add it to your social media content, such as cover photos, which are larger and can take a scannable size of your code.

Usually it makes more sense to display QR codes in the physical world though. The QR code needs to appear outside of the users’ smartphones, so they can use their camera to scan it.

If you use printed marketing materials, you can add them to flyers, magazines, ads, posters and so on. See more inspirational ideas here where you can use QR Codes.

An additional bonus is tracking the users who scan your code, so you get a better overview of your offline customers. All these features and much more are available in the Pageloot QR tools.


QR codes for iOS appscan and will improve your downloads and conversions. In case you already aren’t, you should definitely consider using QR codes for your iOS apps.

If you take the time to develop the perfect application for your customers, you obviously want them to use it. Make it easily available for them by using QR codes and the results will be rewarding.

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Table Of Contents

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Make your QR code stand out by adding your logo and brand to it.

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Edit later without printing

Dynamic QR Codes let you change the contents of your QR Code without having to print new ones.

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