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How to Create a QR Code for an E-mail Address


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You may have already heard of QR codes or quick response codes. These codes are usually in a square pattern with a white background. You can also find other QR codes with different colors. Only QR scanners can read these codes, but your mobile phone can decode them if it has a camera equipped with a reader.

Nowadays, QR codes are in extensive use. Many people know how to scan a particular code, but most do not know how to create one. This article provides simple ways to create them for use with an email address.

First, you can access Pageloot’s QR code generator from your web browser. The generator allows you to choose the design you want. It also lets you customize your designs and analyze them, as well as track performance.

Creating QR codes is fun. You can customize the design, or you can choose to create a logo that looks like your website logo. Let your imagination run wild – you have infinite options from which to choose.

Using a QR code lets you place your recipient’s email address without you having to type it. Open the QR generator. Select “email address” as your data type, and enter the recipient’s email address, and select a foreground color. Adjust the size and resolution and choose an output file type. Click the “Download QR Code” button. You can now start using your email address QR code.

Test your code in different readers to see if it scans and how well it works. You can try it in a reader and a phone with a camera.

Do QR Codes Work?

Many people are skeptical if QR codes work or not. However, when people correctly use these codes, it’s easy to see that they work and are very useful. Some entrepreneurs think twice before including them in their products or services. However, they are an excellent addition. Also, you can get them for free!

We cannot deny the fact that there are codes that do not work. Any company that uses QR technology should first test their codes. They should use “trial and error” and verify these codes twice before using them.

The mobile website is an excellent combination of QR codes. These days, people do not leave their homes without their cell phones. Even at home, their cell phones are never far away. When your QR codes connect users to a mobile website, it’s even more convenient. Mobile websites have “touch-to-call” buttons. Today, there are even “send us an email” and “Card” buttons. Almost everything the buyer needs is there. Also, buyers can find almost all the information they need on a mobile website. QR codes and mobile websites help marketers increase traffic and profits.

Once you use QR codes to capture the email addresses of your clients, you can market to them again and again. You can send them promotions and special offers. Alternatively, you can send them informational emails directing them to your blog. The possibilities are endless!


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