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How to Make vCard QR Codes – Your New Digital Business Card

How to create vcard qr code contact information

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QR codes become more popular with every new day, as more and more businesses understand the necessity of this marketing solution. However, pretty much everyone associates them mainly with website links.

Did you know that QR codes are far more diversified and may also imply sending emails, text messages or even adding someone’s contacts to the smartphone address book?

How do we create a vCard QR code and what are the benefits of such a link?

When Someone Scans your vCard QR Code

When scanned, the phone will automatically prompt the user to either add the contact or cancel the operation. It can include pretty much everything associated with smartphone contacts. You can include a phone number or more, as well as an email address.

You might as well have nothing but a QR code business card. While simplicity looks great on business cards, there is one issue – not everyone knows about these QR codes. They are, indeed, popular, but some older users may not know what they need to do with them.

For this reason, you may want to add a logo or a CTA (Call to action) on your QR code. This way people understand what it is and that it is a part of your brand.

How to Create a vCard QR Code

Those interested in how to create a QR code for sharing contact information will only require a few minutes of their time. There are no coding or design skills involved. In fact, you can do it for free over the Internet. Most people find it hard to understand how these QR codes work once they are scanned and this is what makes them look complicated.

You need a QR Code Generator. Some services are free, while others are premium. The premium services usually offer custom design, user tracking and dynamic codes, so you can change the contents of your QR code later. It is really convenient once you already print your QR codes but want to change some info.

The Pageloot QR Code Generator tool offers all these premium features for 100% free. Create your vCard QR code, download and use it – simple as that.

The Benefits of vCard QR Codes

There are more reasons wherefore you should add vCard QR codes on your marketing materials. Be honest about it – how many business cards have you kept overtime? They usually end up in the bin because we live in the digital era. If someone can just scan your card, add your number and info to their contacts – it is a lot more efficient.

A vCard QR code does not guarantee a sale or a lead, but it gets you much closer to them. Once you are in their phones, chances are they will find it much easier to give you a ring or send a message instead of searching for other similar products or services.

Learning how to create a vCard QR code is not as complicated as you think. If you put the benefits in a balance with the ways to do it, the reasons why so many businesspeople use QR codes becomes obvious.

vCard QR codes must be used wisely or they will be irrelevant. If someone has no clue how to scan them, they become useless. So always make sure to add a logo or CTA to your QR codes.

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