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How Dynamic QR Codes Work

How Does a Dynamic QR Code Work

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Most of us know a thing or two about QR Codes. But did you know that there are 2 separate types of them? They are called static and dynamic codes.

The static code is just what it is, a URL or some command line stored as a QR Code. Now, the dynamic one is where things get fun. We can print one qr code somewhere and change the contents of it later. To understand how dynamic qr codes work, we need to take a closer look at the entire process of creating qr codes.

Overview of Dynamic QR Codes

Let’s assume that a marketer intends to redirect its buyers to its landing webpage via a QR code. Now, if the encoded data is the webpage address in the code, it is a typical static code. Once you create it, there is no way to change the encoded data.

Now imagine a twist in this scene. As per the recent business changes, the marketer now wishes to redirect the buyers to a new website. This means that the marketer will need to make a new static code, as the already existing is non-editable.

That can turn out to be quite a costly remake. Depending on how many codes you need to re-print, not to mention distributing them out again. The worst part is if you handed out flyers or business cards. There’s no way you can put a new qr code on those materials because you don’t own them anymore.

This is where the dynamic QR Code comes in really handy. All those people that have your QR Code, you can dictate the behavior and content of it. You could even update it daily if you want. The trick is behind the short link which you can control and tell it what to do. Think of it as a middleman or traffic control in your service.

So how Does a Dynamic QR Code Work?

Long story short, the dynamic QR Code itself appoints to a short URL. This can not be changed once the code is printed (lets say you appointed, but what can be changed is how the link reacts and what it does.

It is the data that is static or dynamic. When it comes to a dynamic code, the generated code is simply a facilitator of the short URL.

For example, let’s assume that you intend to register or generate a QR code that takes its users to In the case of a static QR code, the encoding would directly have the URL,

The QR Code that is dynamic will always forward the short link to the desired action or location. And that action or location can always be edited and changed with Pageloot’s Free QR Code Generator tool. In other words, if you wanted to forward the qr to Googles website, you just have to adjust what that URL will redirect to.

The QR Code itself will not and can not change when editing the contents. It actually means modifying the redirection such that the user visits an intended new site. This is taken care at the generator website.

The short link manager is the main foundation on which the dynamic qr code works on. The only downside is that dynamic QR Codes need some kind of tool to help you create and manage the short links, unless you are running your own development servr for that purpose. However, Pageloot can be used for free, and we have a 99% uptime guarantee so there is not much to worry about.


Dynamic QR codes work smoothly by holding a short URL link, which redirects to the target site registered against that URL. They are editable!


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