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How Does a Dynamic QR Code Work?

How Does a Dynamic QR Code Work

We all are aware of what a QR code is. However, not all of us know that two types of such codes exist namely, static and dynamic. A static code is a basic form holding alphanumeric characters or the desired content. However, the dynamic QR code is a bit different. Let’s know what is it, which is necessary to know how does a dynamic QR code work.

Overview of Dynamic QR Codes

Let’s assume that a marketer intends to redirect its buyers to its landing webpage via a QR code. Now, if the encoded data is the webpage address in the code, it is a typical static code. Once you create it, there is no way to change the encoded data.

Now imagine a twist in this scene. As per the recent business changes, the marketer now wishes to redirect the buyers to a new website. This means that the marketer will need to make a new static code, as the already existing is non-editable.

Well, this is the time as well as effort consuming, considering that a free generator tool is in use. Well, to avoid this recreation, it is better to know how do I register a QR code that is dynamic, which is akin to creating it.

A dynamic QR code is wherein a short URL is stored, which then clearly redirects the user to the target destination URL. Here, the short URL is editable even after the code is registered or created.

The Working of Dynamic QR Codes

Comprehending the concept of short URLs is the key to understand how does a dynamic QR code work. The format of the code remains the same for both types of QR codes. It is the data that is static or dynamic. When it comes to a dynamic code, the generated code is simply a facilitator of the short URL.

For example, let’s assume that you intend to register or generate a QR code that takes its users to In the case of a static QR code, the encoding would directly have the URL,

However, a dynamic QR code shall allocate this same URL to a short one, which can be In other words, the QR code shall always have this short URL embedded. What to do when a user is directed to that URL is adjustable. In other words, for making the code point to Bing, you just have to adjust what that URL will redirect to.

Changing the dynamic code does not mean modifying the code itself. It actually means modifying the redirection such that the user visits an intended new site. This is taken care at the generator website.

A short URL manager is at the core of how does a dynamic QR code work. Considered often as the drawback, a dynamic QR code needs a tool or service that helps in handling short URLs. If this service is not working for any reason, the dynamic code becomes futile.


Dynamic QR codes work smoothly by holding a short URL link, which redirects to the target site registered against that URL. They are editable!

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