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Dynamic QR Codes Could Save Tons and Increase Conversions

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How to Use Dynamic QR Codes
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How to Use Dynamic QR Codes

While most people are familiar with static QR code, dynamic QR code seem to bring in a series of benefits that make them way better in the long run. Static codes are basic. You can generate your own code for a particular link, be it a website, a vCard, a text message and so on. If you want to change anything, you will need to generate a new code as well. If you have already invested in bulk printing and a few billboards, any change can cost you a fortune.

This is when dynamic QR codes step in to make the difference. So, what kind of advantages do they bring in?

Change the Link Whenever You Want

This is the main advantage of dynamic QR code – flexibility. Whether you want to link to different special offers every once in a while, discounts, coupons or products, you can change the URL whenever you feel like. The best part? You will not have to print a different QR code, so your marketing campaign can go on as planned.

Flexibility is a plus regardless of where you use the QR code. Even if you add it to your business card, you might want to redirect people to your new website instead of a social media profile or maybe you change your phone number. Anything is possible with a QR code.

More Scannability with Size and Design

It is highly recommended to keep the URLs associated to your QR codes as short as possible. The shorter they are, the less modules and pixels your QR code will have . The more aerated it is, the easier it is to scan in. A long URL or too much data will overwhelm it with modules, making it difficult for some smartphones.

Luckily, dynamic QR codes are based on short URLs, which means the QR code will have a few modules. It will be scannable on every device out there. Plus, you also have some freedom when it comes to sizing – the minimum size is a bit smaller for a dynamic code than for a static one.

Tracking and Statistics

Static QR codes allow some sort of QR code tracking as well. You can see some basic statistics too. However, things get much better with dynamic QR codes because they allow deeper insights and more valuable information.

For example, you can see in real time how many people have scanned your QR code. If you have your code in multiple locations, you can also see where the links come from, so you can get an idea about which locations work better. Statistics will also tell you whether your potential customers use smartphones or tablets. Knowing such small details will help optimizing your marketing campaign for maximum efficiency.

Full Control of Your Code

While a QR code can make a good longterm idea for marketing, the truth is you might want to get rid of it at times. For example, special offers, promotions and coupons are available for certain periods of time. With a static code, you can never deactivate the campaign. Your only option implies clearing the target URL and have scanners go to a broken link.

With a dynamic QR code, you can deactivate the campaign whenever you feel like. Generally speaking, nobody wants to do that – more scanners imply more potential customers. However, there are particular situations that involve promotions and offers for particular periods of time. If done correctly, you will keep your customers interested and entertained.

Fixing Mistakes

Mistakes happen to everyone. They are even more common when it comes to long URLs. Maybe you also want to reduce its length and make the code more efficient – less likely to happen once you have already printed it in bulk. At this point, your only option involves generating a new code.

Dynamic QR codes can be edited anytime, which means you will no longer have to worry about small mistakes or various changes to your campaign. It is a convenient advantage that can be handled in no time.

Saving Money

For the exact same reason, dynamic QR codes make great money savers. A simple mistake or a change to your campaign will require a new code (usually free) and lots of printing (quite expensive). Bulk printing is the element that costs money. You will have to fluctuate between saving money and improving the experience – even worse if you have just come up with a brilliant idea.

Given the flexibility of dynamic codes, you can save a fortune for every small update.


Bottom line, dynamic QR code is more expensive than static code (which are usually free). However, their benefits make them a decent option for some marketers who require flexibility.

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