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How to create QR Codes PDF Files


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There are plenty of reasons wherefore you might want to design a QR code for a document. Printing all terms and conditions, special offers or anything else can take lots of space. If your space is limited (such as product packaging), it may not even be possible.

On the same note, you can link a PDF document for school or uni. All in all, the reasons are quite diversified and vary from one user to another.

The good news is you do have options.

First Option – Linking Online

The easiest way to ensure a clean code without too much modules and pixels involves uploading your document online and linking to it. After all, QR codes have plenty of possibilities when it comes to the data they carry. They can have vCard details, links, text, phone calls and so on. Since they are most commonly used as links, you can simply link to your online document.

Most users can read PDF documents on their smartphones without installing any additional applications, so the file will be automatically downloaded and ready for a view.

Pros? The code is quite aerated and clear. Cons? Users will need to spend a bit more while the browser loads up. If you fail to link straight to the PDF file and there is a download button on the linked web page, they might be a bit confused.

Second Option – Linking the Actual File

The second option implies linking the document to the QR code. In other words, once the code is scanned using quick PDF scanner, users will instantly download the document and view it straight away – no browsers, no download buttons, but straightforward operation.

The benefits are obvious – no one wants to waste time online because they have no patients. There is also a disadvantage – if your document has 250 pages, the QR code might be quite overcrowded and a small size might make it hard to read.

How to Create a QR Code for a PDF

There are a few different ways to learn how to create a QR code for a PDF. You do not need any technical experience or knowledge. There are plenty of generators over the Internet. A simple search will provide thousands of results.

You will find both free and premium services. A free service is alright, but it comes with some limitations. For example, the QR code may not be in a vector format (ideal for resizing without losing quality) or you may not be able to password protect the PDF file. Also, it’s quite difficult to scan codes using PDF scanner.

A premium generator comes with a price – not too expensive anyway. However, you get plenty of extra features, which are usually worth the money. Both free and premium generators work on the same principles. You submit the PDF file and the code is automatically generated once you have decided on the settings.


In the end, you do not need to be a professional marketer to learn how to create a QR code for a PDF. It is a tool, after all. What really matters is advertising it in the right places.


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