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Designing QR Codes Using a Location QR Code Generator?

Designing a QR Code using Location QR Code Generator

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Oui-oui Monsieur, Le Code QR! 🥖🇫🇷

That’s how we imagine the French may say “QR Codes” (probably not though). In this post, we are focusing on the Location QR Code generator specifically. Where can you find them for free? Now, you may be wondering what QR Codes have to do with location in the first place. The thing is, they actually go together very well like baguette and cheese.

Ok, why do I need Location QR codes?

Location QR Codes are super effective in getting people to where you need them. Maybe it’s your store, or you are organizing a meeting. The point is, once they scan the QR Code, they will instantly have the location in their phones. The best part of it, is that it will already be in Google Maps that gives them a ton of other good information on your business.

With the help of dynamic QR Codes things get even better. Using location QR Codes, you are able to retarget your leads and customers online. This can be done in Pageloot by using the Google Analytics ID or Facebook Pixel feature. You can have all the data who scanned your QR Codes in your favorite marketing platforms.

Alternatively, you can use Pageloot’s integrated statistics to not only seee the time, but also the location of scans. Where people scanned which QR codes the most. This helps you to understand what is performing better and where.

The top 3 points for Location QR Codes Design

Location QR Codes for Google Maps

Step 1: Make it a Google Maps QR code

Google Maps is far ahead of the competition, just because almost everyone uses it over Apple maps, Bing and Waze. For referece, around 67% of consumers use Google maps, where Waze only has 12% of usage.

So it just makes sense to use the most popular one out there, right? After all, you want to target as many users as you possibly can in the most user friendly way. Location QR Codes can be used in a lot of different places, for example in emails, flyers or or larger posters and banners.

How to Create a Google Maps Location QR Code:

  1. Open up Google Maps
  2. Find the desired location
  3. Push the share button to copy the link
  4. Use the QR Code Generator Free tool
  5. Paste the link in the URL field
  6. Make sure you opt for a dynamic QR Code
  7. Design your QR Code as you wish
  8. Test & Release!

Step 2: Make it look nice

Nowadays, there are so many options in designing QR Codes. They don’t have to be the standard black and white boxy cubes, you can do a lot to make them fit with your brand’s image and get more attention from potential leads.

See the image below for all the parts of the code you are able to change in design. If you’re not feeling like a designer then no worries. Take a look at our gallery and predesigned collection packs to get started! You can color only parts of the QR Code to grab more attention and create accents. Feel free to play around with the QR Code Generator design options to see what you feel like works for you the most.

Which elements can be designed for Location QR Codes?

Customize the Design for Location QR Codes

You can easily:
1. Add a logo inside the QR Code
2. Change the colors, entirely or only partially
3. Edit the pattern shapes

Don’t worry about readability, this will not create scanning issues. The main thing you need to be aware of is that the background and QR Code color need to have enough contrast between eachother. For example a black QR Code on a dark gray background may not work because it is not visible enough. When in doubt, always test! But no worries though, the online QR Code Generator tool will usually tell you if there are any potential problems with colors.

The great thing about designed QR Codes with colors and logos is that around 30% of the QR Code can be removed and it will still be scannable due to error correction. Neat, huh?

Step 3: Always keep testing & improving

Free Online QR Code Generator for Designing Location Codes
Where are your customers located?

We always encourage everyone to start using out dynamic QR Codes because of the huge benefits they get. The main reasons to use them:

  • You can track everyone who scans your codes
  • Collect data & analyze why something works
  • Change your content later based on findings
  • See if conversion improves & repeat the cycle

Take a look at the image below. Pageloot gives you a really clean and thorough overview of your location QR Code scan data. Track all your users, measure conversion metrics & always keep optimizing for greater results in your marketing campaigns.

Super Easy Statistics for Location QR Code Scans

Q: Can you use Barcode QR Code generators for location?

A: No, it is better to keep barcodes for physical products as they were originally intended. The problem with barcodes vs QR Codes is that barcodes aren’t able to hold enough information inside them. Learn more about Barcodes vs QR Codes here.

It’s time to create some Location QR Codes!

So now that you are armed with the knowledge and best practices, the only thing left is to put all of it into action. We invite you to take a look at our free tools that will help you out in creating all sorts of QR Codes from location to anything else you may need. Maybe a WiFI QR Code? Or a vCard for your business contacts? Be sure to take a look.

If you need to create QR Codes online, you can Make a QR Code right here for free!
Pageloot is the #1 Go-To Solution to create and scan QR Codes.

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