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How to Make QR Codes for TikTok?

✓ Learn how to make a QR Code for TikTok.
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Tik-Tok and QR Codes? 🤔

You can scan TikTok QR codes to find new friends, share videos and interact with others. Every user has their own unique code – you just have to save it, share it and let it get the job done. Now, how do you take advantage of this feature?

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How to find your own TikTok QR code

Every TikTok user has a unique QR code. Finding yours has never been easier. You need the application installed on your smartphone, as well as your own account.

  • Launch the application, whether it is on your home screen or in the app list.
  • Once loaded, go to your profile – a button in the bottom right corner.
  • The top right corner will have a tiny QR code – it is a button, so tap it.
  • Once you’re in, you can view your TikTok QR code.
  • The bottom side of the screen has a button to save the image. It will save in your gallery, in the default folder.

How to scan QR codes for TikTok

When it comes to adding new friends on TikTok, you have multiple options to search. If you find someone’s QR code, you can just as well scan the code only. You can also ask friends to hand you their codes for an easier interaction.

  • Once in the application, go to the search function in the bottom part of the screen.
  • The upper right corner will have a small square button which lets you perform a scan.
  • The camera will open up. Point it towards the TikTok QR code.
  • When scanned, the code will take your application to the respective user’s profile, who you can follow with a single tap.

We have many ways to get a TikTok QR code. Some people share their codes over social media networks, while others simply email their QR codes as pictures. It doesn’t matter where the QR Code is. You canalso scan it if it’s saved on your phone.

  • Follow these steps for scanning the TikTok QR code until you reach the camera.
  • If the QR Code is inside your phone, you can’t use your camera.
  • However, the top right corner will let you go to your photos.
  • Choose the TikTok QR Code and this app will instantly scan the info in it.
  • Your friend’s profile will pop up.

Bottom line

To sum things up, TikTok QR Codes can be scanned in multiple ways. You can use them to promote your account, connect with friends and even share valuable videos. You can follow the same actions on your own account to get a higher follower count.

The good thing is, if you need to scan QR or barcode, it has never been more simple. Now this is all supported by both the native camera and 3rd party apps. These days, you no longer need to install a third party application if your native camera cannot scan QR codes, as many general apps allow scanning. TikTok is one of them.


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