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How to Search a QR Code?

How to search a QR code

A common feature of life in today’s world is the quick-response code (QR code). It’s on almost everything that can accommodate such technology. QR codes, usually in black and white, have irregular patterns. The automobile industry was the first to use QR codes. These codes have since expanded their reach to newspapers, magazines, and ads in general.

Nowadays, people are using QR as an efficient and effective method of creating links. These codes also provide redirects to websites. You can use them to store text messages, mobile numbers, and calendar events. You can also use them to store email addresses and even to send SMS. In the next few paragraphs, we take a look at tips and ways to use QR codes. You’ll see how you can use them to gain access to any data that piques your interest.

What Tools Do You Need to Search the Code?

The first thing you need for QR code search is a mobile device equipped with a camera. Most people use smartphones and tablets. You’ll also need Pageloot’s online QR code scanner. Visit, find the QR scanner, and start searching QR codes right away.

Launching the scanner on your mobile device turns on your device’s camera. You also get to see an on-screen framing guide. Focus your device camera on capturing the QR code you intend to scan. Ensure that you keep the device in constant focus until the QR app can scan the code right in its view. It is essential to point out that Pageloot’s QR scanner is available on both iOS and Android. Even better, it can scan bar codes as well as QR codes.

Scanning the Code

To ensure that your application works well, focus your device straight at the code. Don’t try to aim from any angle. Ensure you prevent any interference from stray light. The ideal thing is to scan your codes in a well-lit environment. If you’re out in the sunlight, you may have to cover the code a little with your hands. This action enables the app to capture the code and search it.

When the app has scanned the code, it gives a sound alert. It then reveals the information contained in the code. If it is a link to a website, the application launches your web browser and redirects you to the associated URL.

Designing QR Codes

Pageloot also has a QR code generator that allows users to design QR codes. These programs make it a whole lot easier to create QR codes from contact information and the like. It allows people to scan your code and send your information to their phones or devices. This feature can save you money on business cards.

As you’ve seen, it’s easy to do QR code search using the tools on Pageloot’s site. Click here now to start using the QR scanner. Please share your own QR code tips in tricks in the comments section below.

If you need to create QR Codes online, be sure to check out this Free QR Code Generator.

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