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Keep your business safe with a COVID-19 declaration form QR Code

Create a Covid-19 declaration form QR Code
✅ Visitors can fill out a contact tracing and health assessment QR Code form.
✅ This helps prevent coronavirus spread at your business.

It only takes a few minutes to get started, for free!

Table Of Contents

Create a Covid-19 declaration form QR Code
Safe QR Code Solution for Coronavirus declaration form

This is a free solution that is based on the World Health Organization guidelines. We respect your privacy and data. Our mission is to help people around the world to stop the spread of COVID-19.

Create a safer enviroment for your clients.
Give visitors responsibility.

keep visitors safe from coronavirus

Keep visitors safe

Make sure your visitors feel safe at your location. Keep it COVID-19 FREE.

health qr code form for contact tracing

Contact tracing

A health QR Code form creates a safe environment for your visitors and guests.

make a covid 19 free zone for business owners

Business owners

Show your COVID-19 FREE ZONE QR Code to clients. Let them know you care for them.

make a coronavirus health assessment form qr code

How to use a Coronavirus Health QR Code?

You can see who visited your business and when. This helps avoid the spread of Covid-19.

  1. Scan the Covid-19 QR Code
  2. Fill out the form
  3. Enjoy your visit!

Your visitors can scan the QR Code with their smartphone camera. A digital form will appear on their screen. Once they have completed it, they can be allowed to enter.

What is a coronavirus declaration sheet QR Code?

When it comes to a Covid-19 QR code, there are two options:

covid health tracing form qr code

#1 COVID-19 tracing form QR Code

The purpose of this QR Code is to collect information about your guests.

This allows you to alert other people who have been at your location during a confirmed Covid-19 case.

Visitors will usually fill out the following details:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email
  • Any other fields you need you can add

After filling out the form, visitors will get an approval screen they can use to access your location.

covid-19 screening form qr code

#2 COVID-19 screening QR Code

This form has 2 different reasons:

  1. This allows you to alert other people who have been at your location during a confirmed Covid-19 case.
  2. Visitors can also assess their current condition for any COVID-19 symptoms or history.

The following fields are usually asked in such a screening form:

  • Name
  • Number
  • Email
  • Symtoms
  • Any contacts with Covid-19 carriers
  • Verification of info accuracy
  • Any other fields you need you can add
See how a dental office is using a Covid-19 self assessment form for patients to derease risk.
what if someone is infected covid-19 qr code

What to do if someone who visited my location is infected?

If a person that visited your location is found out to be infected with coronavirus, then you can instantly find out the time and date they visited your location. That will give you connections to all other people who may have potentially been exposed at the time of the visit!

How does a coronavirus QR Code form work?

Create a Covid-19 declaration QR CodeCreate a Covid-19 declaration QR Code

#1 Create a Covid-19 QR Code

Sign up for free to create a QR Code. Add your logo and CTA to make it look nice and appealing for visitors.

Test coronavirus self declaration form qr code

#2 Test your QR Code

Link that QR Code to your Google Forms. Check out our Google Forms templates to create one quickly for you. Make sure that your QR Code is working properly by using a QR Code scanner tool.

print your covid-19 assessment qr code

#3 Print your QR Code

You want to place the QR Code before your entry points. This way everyone will see that they need to scan it before they can enter.

print your covid-19 assessment qr code

#4 Visitors scan your QR Code

It will not take more than one minute for your visitors to complete the form. This saves overhead and time for you.

print your covid-19 assessment qr code

#5 You are now safe!

You now have data of everyone who came into your location. This allows you to control the situation in case of an outbreak.

How to create a Covid-19 Declaration Form QR code?

See the guide above for the “new normal”.
First, you need a Google Forms. Feel free to use our templates. Then you would make a QR Code with a QR Code generator tool. The QR Code should be linked to the Google forms. Click here to access our Covid-19 templates.

Covid-19 QR Code use cases

The use cases can be easily implemented for cafes, hotels, restaurants, stores, offices, and many more. Many countries are already requiring businesses to comply with Covid-19 check in and screening rules.

Self-declaration form

Prevent the spread of coronavirus in small spaces and areas. Self-declaration forms are a great tool for this. Combine them with QR Codes to make it digital and contactless.

Health declaration form

Show the health declaration QR Code in front of your entry. Visitors will scan it gladly to fill out a form.

  1. Make sure your QR Code is visible.
  2. Make sure that people understand why they have to scan it.
  3. Give visitors access only after filling out the form.

Risk evaluation form

Make sure that your workers and visitors are safe.

Contact tracing form

Collaborate with your local authorities and laws to comply with the new standards.

Coronavirus QR Code check in

Give people access to your location.

Coronavirus QR Code rules

Help create a better and safer environment. You can help stop the spreading and trace potential cases.

Help your clients regain trust in your business and prevent the spread of Covid-19

Just a few minutes to make it, and it’s entirely free.

More info about Coronavirus QR Codes

#1 Can I edit the questions of the form?
Yes, absolutely. Just download our form templates and edit them as you need.

#2 Can I change the QR Code look?
Yes, you can easily do that. See under the QR Code style options.

#3 Can I use my own logo?
Yes, you can use your logo both on the QR Code and on the form as well.

#4 How many Covid-19 QR Codes can I make?
As many as you need. Our mission is to help you and your business cope with coronavirus and help the world.

#5 How is my data stored?
We value your privacy and that is our highest priority. All your data is encrypted and safe.

What is COVID-19? What is Coronavirus?

What is Coronavirus covid-19 Virus Structure
The structure of the coronavirus. Credit to

COVID-19 is a disease that is highly infectious and can be fatal. The situation has turned to a global pandemic because it is a new type of virus (SARS-CoV2).

This disease originated from Wuhan China, when it started in December 2019.

How to avoid catching the coronavirus

#1 – The most common way to get coronavirus is through breathing. This can happen when people cough or talk as well. This is the meain reason people need to keep at least a distance of 2 meters (6 feet).

#2 – If both people are wearing a mask, studies show that it reduces the probability of contracting Covid-19 greatly.

#3 – QR Codes are helping people use health declaration forms and keep their distance because everything is now digital. No more papers or pens are needed, thus excessive physical contact is always avoided.

PRO tip: When placing your coronavirus QR Codes for declaration – make sure they are clearly visible and before any crowded spaces.

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