QR Code Frames

Download CTA frames for QR Codes here

QR Code frames are placed around your QR Code to increase scans with smartphones. The text and design help make the content of your QR Code more friendly and clear to your users.

They help your customers understand why they should scan your QR Codes. Did you know that using CTA frames increases the average scan rate by an amazing 238% ?

Choose your QR Code type

🥳 Holidays Q4

Christmas and New Year –  Q4 is almost here. Get more sales & boost shopping with these QR Code frames.

🎄 Christmas

🎁 Gift Cards & Vouchers

🎉 New Year

💼 For Business

🍕 Cafe & Restaurant Menu

Restaurants and cafes can now offer digital menus to their customers. This helps with social distancing and COVID rules.

📱 Mobile & Social Media

Suitable for social media and smartphone related use cases.

📞 Call

Get calls from your clients with QR Codes. This can work for WhatsApp, Viber and regular phone calls.

💳 vCard

Nobody keeps paper business cards anymore. Make it easy for your business contacts to save your info into their smartphone.

🌎 Website & Link

Did you know? The most common use case for QR Codes is linking to websites and links.

📶 Wi-Fi

Everyone loves free Wi-Fi. Share the love and make it easier for people to connect with a QR Code.

➡️ Get Contacts

✉️ Email

Simplify how clients and people can contact you. Sending an email doesn’t have to be difficult. All it takes is one scan.

💬 Message

You can send just about any kind of message with a QR Code – SMS, Whatsapp, Facebook Messenger, you name it.

🎈 Create Events

📅 Calendar

Share your event details in an instant. No more manual writing or asking of event details.

📍 Location

Share the location of an event or business instantly. These frames help make the context clear.

🎟️ Tickets

Link a QR Code to your ticket sales page to increase conversions.

💰 Payments

🪙 Crypto

Use QR Codes to accept cryptocurrency payments. These CTA frames will make it easy to understand.

✅ Basic Frames

General use case QR Code frames can be used just about anywhere you like. Feel free to use them for any specific uses as well, you can easily change the CTA (call to action) text as needed.

Choose your QR Code type