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Are QR Codes Helping Cure Coronavirus?


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So, this thing just happened. I can’t stop wondering why anyone would think that QR Codes are even remotely related to the coronavirus (known as COVID-19). Could QR Codes really help cure coronavirus? I’m a bit skeptical, to be honest.

Grab your popcorn and get ready for some mindblowing conspiracy! Did you know that the Chinese government is tagging people like sheep with a QR code generator? Do we consider this the new normal or are they up to something fishy?

How can we keep safe and help to flatten the curve on this devastating virus outbreak? We could just sit at home and do nothing for the next 2-6 months, but that doesn’t sound really fun. The great news is, QR Codes are here to help. Can they really cure anything though? Let’s dig a bit deeper to find out.

This Strange Trick – How China is Using QR Codes to Track Coronavirus Outbreaks

Best QR Code Scanner for Coronavirus

What are these three colored pixelated codes? Have the Chinese lost their minds or are they actually up to something rather clever?

Despite the crazy outbreak of the virus – the Chinese are already starting to return to their everyday work, because hey, that’s just life – you got to pay the bills. Strangely enough, it seems like mobile phones are a major key to helping track and contain the spread of the coronavirus by creating QR codes.

Now the Chinese cities have started demanding people to use QR Codes to prove that they are not potentially infected.

There is this app Alipay Health. It uses 3 colors to tag people. This is essentially your social status and show if you are allowed to go outside or not. As cruel as this sounds, it is actually helping over 200 cities in China and the results are nothing short of simply amazing.

The users are instantly notified after they may have come dangerously close to any virus carrier. The police and other app users are notified of the data and get notifications of warnings.

Only the people who have green QR codes are able to roam around the city in Beijing. Yellow means you get a seven-day lockdown, while the dreaded red holds you down for 14 days.

The app can be accessed through WeChat. Everyone can get a code by verifying them through face recognition and national identity number. The bottom line is, everyone has to scan their QR codes to provide verification before they can move on.

Is it too Late – Can QR Codes Help Contain the Spread of COVID-19?

Free QR Code Generator Helping Cure Coronavirus

QR Codes are really effective in helping people keep their distance from one another. You should check the quality of your QR code scanner tool. The best ones can perform a scan even from a few meters away.

We would like to list our favorite ideas regarding QR codes to distance yourself from others while still having fun and being able to share things with others.

Share your Wifi Login

Wifi QR Code Generator Coronavirus

When it comes to sharing Wifi passwords, I for sure find it quite annoying looking under the router label each time. What if there was a hands-free method to share your Wifi login when both people don’t have an iPhone on hand?

Luckily enough, you can create a QR code to share your Wifi login rather easily. This code can either be printed out or displayed directly from your phone or computer screen.

Share your Contact info

Free vCard QR Code Generator Tool COVID 19

On your way to a business meeting? I pray the god that you can do it online. Even if that isn’t the case – you should definitely avoid swapping any business cards with potential leads and customers. A much safer way would be to use a vCard QR code generator to share your contact info.

Just display the QR from your phone and let other people scan it from a properly safe distance.

Send and Receive Payments

Bitcoin QR Code Generator COVID-19 2020

Cash, coins and paper money – these things should have been banned at the start of the coronavirus outbreak. When you think about it – how many hands does a paper bill see on average per day? And what are the chances there could be a virus trace on that?

Anything from Dollars, Euros to Bitcoin and Litecoin, QR Codes are here to help. If wireless payments sounds like an interesting concept, check out this Cryptocurrency QR code generator

Scan QR Codes Safely

QR Code Scanner Online Coronavirus

If your phone has a decent camera, you’re off to a great start. But what if your phone doesnt natively scan QR codes? You can use a free online QR code scanner tool. In addition, you have the benefit of saving your QR code scan history for later.

What was that last QR code you scanned a few days ago? It’s definitely not worth going out again and risking the chance of possibly getting infected.

The Bottom Line – Play it Safe

Coronavirus QR Code-Generator Meme Drake

Until there is a vaccine or cure, the best play so far is to encourage social distancing. But we still feel like sharing things because we’re humans after all. There is quite nothing like the benefits of QR Codes for sharing data at a distance.

From our team at Pageloot – we hope everybody stays safe and continues to scan all these awesome QR Codes (keeping in mind a reasonable distance)!


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