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How to Make QR Codes for Facebook

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Facebook is one of the top social networks in the world, while QR codes represent one of the fastest growing trends in terms of marketing and advertising. Putting them together can only go in one direction – success.

But how do you implement one into the other? How can I get a QR code for my Facebook page?

Implementing Facebook to QR Codes

QR codes can link to a website or they can link to your contact. They can link to a phone number or a text message. Since it can carry link information, it might as well link to your Facebook page or profile.

If you lack followers, likes or subscribers, adding your Facebook link to your QR code seems to be a perfect idea. Add it everywhere – your website, other social media networks, packaging and so on. You can also link to multiple options of Facebook.

For example, those who scan your QR code can be taken to your page or maybe a certain post. They may also be taken to the option to like your page, so they will only have to push the like button to become your fans.

Check out the Pageloot QR Generator tool to make free Facebook QR Codes. This free tool offers all the same premium features as the other paid services. For example, if you want a QR code for Facebook, you might get one with the Facebook logo in the middle.

QR Codes for Facebook Messenger

 Facebook Messenger is really popular for businesses and companies nowadays.

Pageloot can generate a free QR Code for Facebook Messenger that automatically connects your customers to your business page’s Facebook Messenger.

Once they scan the QR Code, they can instantly engage in chatting with your business so you can convert those potential leads into customers. Combine this QR code with a chatbot and you have an automated sales funnel.

Using QR Codes on Facebook

QR codes can be added, for example, to every picture you upload. Do not add it as a single post though. Instead, it could be above or below your logo on each picture, but especially the profile and cover pictures.

Keep in mind though that this only works if people are browsing facebook on their computers and they would scan the QR code with their phone. As more and more people are browsing directly on their smartphones nowadays, so using the QR code on Facebook posts may not be such a good idea in general.

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