Наша історія

Founded in 2019, Pageloot is commited to delivering the Best QR Code Services to our clients.

We are a customer-focused team that develops and delivers innovative solutions to our customers.

Pageloot provides a dynamic and fun environment for our team. Our team is growing every day with a passion to create more. We invite you to become a part of our digital journey.

Як безкоштовно створити QR-коди в Інтернеті

Зустріньте команду

Мікк Мелдер

Siim Tiigimägi

Michael A
Lead Developer

Artur L
Frontend Developer

Andrew Z
Backend Developer

Ivan R
Frontend Developer

Daria L
Project Manager

Halyna K
Business Analyst

Karim D
QA Engineer

Olena O
UI / UX Designer

Matthew C
Customer Success

Robert M
Customer Success

Simon L
Customer Success

Syed S
Customer Success

Values we believe in

Communication first

We believe that truly great products can only come from an open work space. This supports our creative team of highly skilled specialists, who enjoy working at Pageloot.

Growing fast

Each member in our team plays a vital role to our sucess. We make progress by encouraging development. Our onboarding process is fun and customized.

Customer focus

Our core beliefs are providing the best value for our customer. This means listening to feedback and delivering results. We aim to keep our customers happy.

Join Pageloot and make a difference

Ми завжди шукаємо талановитих людей, які б поповнили наші ряди.

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