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How do QR Codes work?

How to make qr codes for business cards

Make QR Codes for Business Cards

Create QR Code for Flyers - Pageloot

QR Codes on Flyers

Online QR Code Generator for Product & Packaging - Pageloot

QR Codes on Product Packaging

Make a QR Code for Restaurant Menu Ordering

QR Codes for Restaurant Menus

The best QR Code Generator is free

Make QR Codes

Never worry about a broken link again. Edit your QR Codes later – also after printing! Keep it fresh and redirect the old links to your new content. Use our QR Code Generator & QR Code Scanner for free to create your own.

Dynamic QR Codes Update Link
QR Code Scan Statistics Tracking

QR Scan statistics

Track your Marketing Performance – Who scanned your QR Codes? When and where? You need insights to know how your links are actually performing.

High quality print

We can help you get the best quality formats for commercial printing. Print your QR Codes in any size you need. Choose from vector file formats EPS, PDF and SVG.

High Quality QR Codes Print
QR Code Tags Folders Organize

Tags & folders

Bring Structure to Your QR Codes – You can easily group them into folders or organize by tags. Use search and filters to always find your QR Codes.

Save your QR Codes

100% Free. No credit card required.

Free QR Code Generator & QR Code Scanner Online

Why use QR Codes?

QR Scanning is Rising | QR Code Generator - Pageloot

QR Scanning is Rising

A survey showed that an estimated 11 million households will scan a QR Code in 2020 in USA alone.

You should be using QR codes to attract more customers – they can be used to digitalize your business.

Convert your Clients with QR Codes

Get More Sales

Send your customers to an online store, get product reviews, offer them coupons, or collect e-mails.

Anything that you need, QR Codes will help you bridge the gap between the physical and digital.

QR Code placement billboards business card

Make an Impact

Once you’ve created your QR Code, you can place it on any surface or medium of your choice. 

From products and billboards to business cards. Avoid small QR Codes, make sure they are always readable.

Tips for success

QR Codes with a Logo

Always include a logo or a frame with a call to action (CTA) for your QR Codes. This increases your brand visibility and user conversions.

QR Code Readability

Before distributing your QR Codes  make sure that they are scannable. Try different scan distances, smartphone cameras and QR Reader apps.

Custom Colors and Design

Default QR Codes with only logos can still look ugly. Make the codes visually appealing, so they match with your brand identity.

High Resolution Print QR Code Vector

High Resolution QR Codes

Make sure your QR Code print quality is high. Don’t take any risks and use our professional QR Code vector print formats (PDF, EPS or SVG).

QR Statistics & Analyics

Use Dynamic QR Codes to get usage statistics. The insights let you know which QR Codes are converting leads. This helps you make better marketing decisions.

Correct QR Code Size

The minimum print size of a QR Code is at least 2 x 2 cm (3/4 x 3/4 inches). Always be sure and test your QR Codes for size and colors if they are readable.

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