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How Do You Track QR Codes?

How Do You Track QR Codes?

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Just using a QR code does not fulfill your purpose of using it. This is because if you do not monitor what you are using, you cannot improve for accomplishing your goals efficiently.

It is known to all that these 2D barcodes facilitate old and new customers to interact with your digital website or information by triggering interest. The same codes also help in analytics.  

Just as with any other digital campaign, you need a few statistics showing how effectively your QR code marketing is working for you. This is why tracking QR codes is essential. Thus, many QR code owners are also looking for how do you track QR codes.

Let’s assume you need to obtain traffic for your site through QR codes added to the different marketing print materials. For measuring how successfully it drove traffic, you need a simple way to track it.

Well, several ways exist to do so but the two major ones are namely, using QR code tracking services or performing manual tracking through Google Analytics. Most of these ways are free to use but you may end up spending money for using some additional features. Let’s check them out!

Through Online Tracking Tools or Services

Using a generation-cum-tracking tool is a simple way to how do you track QR codes. Several online providers offer such services, of which a few offer different packages so that you can choose as per your budget.

Many of these providers’ tracking service is associated with analytic services, which assimilate into your digital account. After creating the code, you only need to log in to your account to view the statistics showing how your code is performing.

Some of the free tracking services to consider are, QR-code-generator, and Consider this way if you are not so tech-savvy or are a beginner in the world of QR code tracking.

Through Google Analytics

This is a manual way of tracking QR codes but a highly popular way, as it integrates with the SEO tool giant, Google Analytics. This is why many QR code managers look for how to track QR code traffic in Google Analytics.

This method requires the basic tech knowledge. For your site, you only have to create a campaign to using your Analytics account to know how much traffic is coming from your codes.

For this, you need to use the Google Campaign Builder tool. It is designed for creating a distinct URL by stating the campaign’s Source, Medium, and Name. Once these details are filled, a unique tracking URL is automatically generated.

Now, you need to copy this URL and include it when asked while generating a QR code for analytics using an online tool. This is all you need to do to track a QR code. When in use, the code makes tracking information available in the Analytics account. You can then view the number of people who scanned the code, the devices used to scan it, and how long they were on your site.


When it comes to how do you track QR codes, you can either use an online tracking service or the Campaign Builder tool from Google Analytics.

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