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How to Share a QR Code?

How to Share a QR Code?

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After doing much research on how to create and how to use QR codes, you would surely know what are these codes and how useful they are. Those random black and white patterns may look insensible but it carries sensible data for your customers or recipients with whom you wish to share the code.

It goes without saying that these patterns can share significant or additional information in the form of images, links, text, and videos with anyone having a QR code scanner such as a smartphone. Here are a few such ways for distributing the 2D codes so that they reach the target audience quickly and effectively.

On Business Cards

Are your business cards digital? Or are they simply printed? Regardless of which type of business card you have, consider including the desired QR code in it to share not only the code but also the encoded information in it.

Yes, adding a QR code to a printed or digital business card has become a standard practice. Thus, to stand out from the crowd, you would definitely want to make it somewhat creative. For this, you need to know how to customize the QR code design by changing the color, edges, and shape.

On Your Flyers

Traditional marketing tools have still not lost their charm although digital competitors are more popular. Well, in reality, they both are supplementary to each other.

So, do not underestimate the traditional marketing tools at all. One such yet-in-use traditional tool is a flyer. So, are you planning to print flyers for promoting your next product? Then, why not add a QR code to them and initiate instant interaction? 

Through the QR code, you can direct the flyer holders to a promo YouTube video of the new product, reveal a coupon code for 10% off offer, or just share some interesting ideas (PDF) of using the new product in different ways. Isn’t that customer-oriented marketing?

On Your Brochures

If flyers are in your head, you cannot forget brochures for an upcoming business event or a trade show. The difference is that a flyer is of a single page and goes into the hands of thousands of people. However, a brochure is of more than one page and are given in the hands of only selected or interested people.

So, including a QR code in a brochure is definitely one of the wise ideas when it comes to how to share a QR code effectively. Let the brochure holders know more about your brand or new events or products in detail.

By putting a QR code on a brochure, it comes to limelight quickly. For the most effective outcome, consider including a call to action in the code for raising the number of code scans.


Sharing a QR code can be a fun-filled task for you if you find out the different ways of doing so. For this, obviously, you need to look for how to share a QR code.


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