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How to Make a QR Code for Business

How to make qr codes for my business

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QR codes represent two-dimensional codes that have gained popularity due to their quick response. They are easy to implement and use, so they benefit both the advertiser and the potential customer.

With the growing popularity of smartphones, more and more businesses rely on QR codes to provide quick access to more information about their services and products. It looks like an innovation, but is it? Find out how to make QR codes for your company and what kind of advantages they come with.

How QR Codes can Grow your Business

QR codes are versatile – this is probably their most obvious benefit. You see them in magazines, on product packaging and even online. All you have to do is take your smartphone out to scan them. Most smartphones nowadays have advanced cameras that can natively read codes.

Once the code is read, the code sends the user to more information – usually, a website. On that website, the code can lead to a promo code, a special offer, a new release and so on.

From this point of view, it makes more sense to use QR codes in the offline environment. They cannot be scanned on a website unless you see them on your laptop or desktop and scan them with your smartphone. In other words, as long as you have a QR code for your business, use it everywhere for more exposure and benefits.

Whether it comes to business cards that usually end up in the bin, food packaging, ads in newspapers or magazines, QR codes allow easy access to information. People are more likely to visit your website by scanning a code, only to bookmark it if they are interested. The conversion is much lower if you only write the website address on print media. It is all about user convenience.

How can I Create a QR Code for my Business?

Seeing QR codes more and more often, plenty of businesspeople ask themselves – how do I create a QR code for my business? The good news is you do not require any programming skills or sophisticated software. Instead, there are plenty of free QR code generators over the Internet.

How to Make Your Own QR Codes

There are plenty of options available. While they all do the same thing, there are slight differences. For instance, the design may vary in terms of colors. Some generators also include a call to action – scan me. Others do not. Many of them are paid tools with a monthly subscription.

Pageloot offers a completely free QR Code Generator tool with all the necessary features to make QR codes for all your business needs. You can also take advantage of the tracking features to see which of your codes are converting better than others.

You can find some differences in the size of the downloadable file – make sure it is big enough to be fitted on whatever you need, from packaging to business cards. Always use vector formats for large scale print.

You do not have to be a genius to learn how to make a QR code for your business. Instead, focus on where and how to promote it for maximum efficiency.

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