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How to Use QR Codes to Promote Business Marketing

How to use qr codes to promote small business marketing
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QR codes are gaining popularity. The white noise design is now visible on food packaging, ads, posters, cars, brochures, flyers, catalogs and so on. With these aspects in mind, one can only ask themselves how to use QR codes for small business marketing.

Whether you provide a service or you are trying to sell something, QR codes can and will boost your marketing campaign conversions substantially if used correctly.

Most QR codes link to websites or pages of your website – such as special offers, new releases or whatever you wish to promote. But did you know that you can use these codes for so many other purposes?

Contact Info QR Codes (vCard)

So, how can QR codes be used for marketing? Ask yourself one thing – how many business cards have you received in the last 10 years? How many of them do you still have? Exactly!

Business cards end up in the bin. Add a QR code on yours or anywhere else with the vCard QR Code and once it is scanned, you will be automatically added to the user’s address book. It is the optimal way to ensure they do not lose your contact.

QR Codes for App Downloads

Advertising for your new iOS or Android app? Trying to get more and more users to download it and take advantage of it? How many random results can you find in an app store when searching for your application?

In order to prevent users from getting confused or downloading the wrong application, link your app download to the QR code. This way, you clear the confusion and make it easier for your potential customers.

Message QR Codes

Most businesses overlook this opportunity, yet you can send a message or an email once the potential client scans the QR code. It is an exciting idea that works in an unusual way. When the user scans the code, they will get an automatic message – be it a text message or an email message. It could be anything – a thank you note, a discount code, an event announcement and so on.

Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp are great tools for connecting businesses and customers. Take a look at our Facebook Messenger QR code and Whatsapp QR code features.

Location QR Codes

When not sure how to use QR codes for marketing, location QR codes are just as handy. They are linked to your business address. Once scanned, they will take your business address and put it in the default application for maps.

Users will no longer have to search for you. This opportunity is even better if you are not listed on Google Maps. Users would have to put the whole address in the GPS – not anymore with such a QR code.

How to Use QR Codes to Promote Your Business

There are countless opportunities when it comes to using QR codes. Some of the most efficient ways to benefit from them include:

  • Flyers
  • Business cards
  • Posters
  • Pens
  • Mugs

Simply put, you can add a QR code to any kind of item that your potential customers may see. The additional benefit is the ability to track the usage and conversion of your QR codes. Pageloot offers free tools for all features.

How Effective are QR Codes in Advertising?

The truth is they work wonders. Otherwise, they would not be so widely implemented everywhere. More and more business people use them every day and the best part is they can only boost your business.

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Table Of Contents

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