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How to Make QR Code Coupons

How to Make QR Code Coupons in Just 2 Simple Steps

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Coupons are almost used daily to gain as much buying discount as possible. Offering a sales coupon is an ideal marketing tactic to boost your revenues. Usually, these coupons for in-store shopping are distributed via newspapers and flyers.

While they are the most common mechanisms, they have a few drawbacks. First, the receiver is not aware of how to use them; is it okay to cut them? Second, it is not practically possible to carry several coupons at once for buying different products.

Well, these drawbacks can be evaded if you know how to make QR code coupons. This is because these coupons can definitely boost the overall shopping experience for your customers without paving a way for these limitations. So, aren’t you eager to know how to make QR code giveaway?

2 Steps to QR Code Coupons

You can create coupons while creating the QR codes. You first start by searching and launching your QR code coupon generator such as Scanova that allows adding coupon or discount details.           

Second, customize the coupon by adding your own decided details such as company name, logo, coupon title and description, coupon code, and a URL to which the user should be redirected. Once these details are filled, just create the QR code. This is the standard procedure in most QR code tools.

Some tools allow you to choose a design for your code and coupon, such as black and white or a vibrant background with a custom color scheme. At this point, you can choose the customize the look or directly download the generated QR code.

As a tip for how to make QR code coupons, consider creating your account in the tool for free prior to downloading the code. Doing so saves the code and allows tracking its scans. It also allows editing the coupon details in the QR code.

2 Ways to Use the QR Code Giveaway

You can use QR code coupons in one of the two ways, via flyers for gathering target market data and via scanning the code for getting the discount. For the former, you need to use a voucher with a code. For instance, include a code in a flyer with the headline, “Scan this code for a 40% discount.”

Scanning a flyer shall generate a random number and the holder will be asked to fill a form asking for personal details and this random number to get the discount.

It is possible to go the other way around. Rather than informing them to activate the coupons, just tell them to scan the code and obtain the coupon. The code only needs to be redeemed by presenting the code image on the holder’s smartphone.

This is truly a simpler method for how to make QR code giveaway and launch them as an effective marketing campaign. This is because there is no database to handle. Further, just one flyer hanging inside the shop suffices for this campaign.


So, is it not easy and to make QR code coupons? You just need the right tool!


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